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All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to be a Hero to Your Kids By Mark Merrill Book Review

All Pro Dad is written in the outline and style of a football playbook. Mark Merrill described the fundamentals of fatherhood as loving our children no matter what mistakes and failures they might make in their lifetime. Leading and discipline our children can be extremely difficult but it has to be done in order to teach them the accurate way to conduct their lives.

The book shared seven essentials to becoming a better father that your wife and children need you to be. Some of the seven are Makeup, Mind-set, Model, and Message. Merrill believed fathers had to know who they are in their identity. We aren’t what others have claimed and declared us to be. Most men try to define themselves with what job positions they hold, what kind of car they drive, and many other fault assets. But our true identity is the unique person God has made us to be. It’s also important to know what our true gifts and purpose are. Without understanding that lies spoken over us aren’t true and they don’t make our identity, we can’t teach our children who they are called to be. Speaking and telling our kids to believe what God has already declared about them is a significant step to instilling the truth into their lives. 

I enjoyed the stories about parenting and life lessons that Mark Merrill included from Tony Dungy, S. Truett Cathy, Michael W. Smith, Michael Ducker, James “JB” Brown, Norm Miller, and others. Readers will also benefit from huddling up and asking the questions at the end of each chapter to their children.

I would recommend this life changing book to any father who wants to lead their children in an effective way. The book is written for dads but if you’re planning or possibly think you might become a father one day then read this remarkable book. I am not a father yet but this book still benefited me in learning the skills and the tools to become a better father. The seven critical steps will change how you parent your children and it will radically change how you view yourself. I learned the importance of believing what God has made me to be and called me to be. I must build up my children by revealing to them how proud I am of them, how I love them, and pointing out their gifts that I notice them portraying. Our words can inspire our children or they can lead them astray, trying to earn approval elsewhere. If we don’t give them attention and love they will seek and try to fill the void somewhere else. The book showed me that it’s my job to teach my children about faith, manners, sports, character traits, and sex education. We can’t become passive and expect the pastor to teach our kids about faith and God, the school to educate them about manners, peer pressure, drugs, and sex, and practicing sports. Great parenting has to start in the home and it has to be practiced and displayed daily. This book will guide fathers into leading their families towards their God ordained potentials in life that will last for generations!

"I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program."

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