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Parenting on Your Knees: Prayers and Practical Guidance for the Preschool Years By Vicki Tiede Book Review

Parenting on Your Knees is written for new parents that are seeking guidance for their children during the preschool years. Having a new baby or babies in the house is a challenging adventure to say the least. Vicki Tiede encouraged readers to take the time to read each chapter and pray for your children daily. She understands the pressure of not having enough time when the demands of children continue to rise. The kids need fed, baby needs burped, there is spit up on your clothes, diapers changed, someone spilled something and it needs cleaned up, your baby got mad and keeps dropping the pacifier, and meanwhile making sure your toddlers don’t put dangerous things in their mouth. Parenting can be strenuous and quiet time is rare. She suggests getting creative and praying while you’re playing the bills, watering plants, doing laundry, feeding the baby, and getting your older children on the school bus. When you become a parent, you have to get good at using the time you have to the maximum amount.


Each chapter contains a story to illustrate the characteristic that we’re going to pray for our kids for that day.  The book consists of thirty-three prayers and lessons. The topics ranged for your children’s health, salvation, honest, self-control, responsibility, safety, potty training, conscience, mealtimes, manners, sharing, friendships, temper tantrums, to preserve, and many more. The book also had recommended additional parenting resources to further assist parents.


Vicki Tiede had an extraordinary idea to let her toddlers help her around the house. If they want to sweep, dust, and fold laundry. It’s important as parents to teach our children the way they should go. One thing she believed is that parents are giving their children less and less responsible. It’s time to reverse that. I firmly also agreed with her stance of giving children age appropriate chores and daily household tasks. It’s also important to remember not to be too hard on your children when they begin to learn how to help around the house. I loved how Vicki reminded that parents that if a two year old set the table it will look like a two-year set the table. If they mess up, give them a break and encourage them to keep trying. There is no reason to degrade them like I have seen some parents do. She also proposed letting kids set the table, which I love to cook so I will be trying this one out!


I immensely love the concept of praying for your children and starting when they are young and continuing during the different stages of their life. Vicki Tiede did a brilliant job at sharing the many diverse challenges that parents face in raising up a toddler or toddlers. I would recommend this magnificent book to parents who have toddlers, they are expecting their first child, or you’re hoping to have kids someday. This book was an enormous blessing to me and it taught me many things about using my time wisely and praying for my children. I’m not really in the target audience for this book yet.  I’m not married yet nor have any children, so most of these concepts in this book I will admit, I haven’t experienced yet. But I strongly believe prayer changes things and God is always there to listen to us and to help us in our times of need. Praying for your children to flourish and grow into the man or woman God wants them to be, comes with the blessing of having children. I also loved the idea Vicki shared about putting up scriptures around the house to read and mediate on while you’re feeding your baby, changing their diapers, while they’re eating in their high chair, and any other resourceful places, you can think of. I plan to reread this book whenever we’re expecting our first child or a new baby in the family. If you’re looking for an excellence book about praying for your children, then book is a must!


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