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Pursuing Justice: The Call to Live and Die for Bigger Things By Ken Wytsma With D.R. Jacobsen Book Review

In Pursuing Justice, Ken Wytsma portrayed that justice is important because we must listen to God and His calling to reach and touch as many lives as we can. Justice is loving people who need our help in our everyday interactions and making a different in other people’s lives. Ken Wytsma said, “The biblical concept of justice has a lot of shared space with synonyms such as love, mercy, charity, the law, righteousness, and more” (Page 4). No one likes to see the injustice being done in the world today. We have a wide range of injustices including human trafficking, poverty, hunger, racism, AIDS victims, orphans, widows, and many others.


An extremely significant question that Ken had to ask himself was, “What am I blind to?” He pointed out that Germany didn’t believe that Hitler was much of a threat. And we all know the evil that Hitler massacred many of the Jews. We can’t be blind to the injustices going on in the world. God has called us to make a different and love people like Jesus did. Many people enjoy turning social justice into politics and they love to debate the issues wrong in the world. But they don’t take the steps and actions to relieve and fix the problems.


I would recommend this astonishing book to everyone who cares about justice and has a huge passion for helping others. The only way to stop injustice is to inquire about getting involved in reaching out to others. You don’t have to travel to another country to change the world. You can start in your community. Giving your life away to what God wants isn’t easy but it’s worth it. When we lay down our own dreams and desires and follow what God wants us to do our lives, joy and love spread. This book will challenge your beliefs on justice and loving others completely.
I recieved a free advance copy of the book from Ken Wytsma for this review.


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