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Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits: 14 New Behaviors that Will Energize Your Life By Joyce Meyer Book Review

Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits is written to guide readers into replacing bad habits with good God filled habits. A habit is something we do regularly and many times we aren’t aware that we have formed a habit. Repetition helps us to form the good habits. Some of the bad habits that people struggle with is procrastination, passivity, laziness, overeating, sleeping in and hitting the alarm clock, shopping and spending too much, cluttering, watching too much TV, spending too much time online, nail biting, eavesdropping, speeding when driving, self-criticizing, cell phone addiction, smoking, and pornography, etc. The book stated that experts claimed that a bad habit can be broken in about thirty days of repetition. If you replace the bad habit with a good habit, then the bad habit will lose its effect on your life.

Joyce Meyer is very genuine about some of the bad habits she has had to break in her own life. For example, she used to throw her makeup brushes into the drawer after she was down applying her makeup. She eventually realized that she couldn’t ever find the brush she was wanting. She began to form a new habit of taking the extra few seconds to put it back in their proper place. This saved her time in having to search the whole drawer for a makeup brush and she has more peace in the mornings now. Another habit she had to make was starting an exercise program and getting a trainer and a nutritionist to help her feel better and to have more energy. She admitted that she was sore a lot at the beginning and she didn’t always like having to eat healthy food choices. She formed a good habit of exercising a few days a week and her body benefited from the excellent choice. She also noticed that she was friendlier and she had more patience with people because she felt better.

The book contains a number of life changing principles for replacing bad habits with good habits. The first good behavior is forming a God habit. Without seeking first the kingdom of God we won’t be able to successfully break our bad habits. We can’t overcome our habits if we don’t acquire the strength from our loving Heavenly Father. Joyce Meyer encouraged readers to read and meditate on the written Word daily and keep a journal of what God is teaching you. Studying God’s Word will give you wisdom in order to handle the struggles and challenges of this life. Some of the other good behaviors are, “being decisive, happy habit, habit of excellence, being responsible, habit of generosity, hurry habit, emotional habits”, and many more.

I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who needs to break the bad habits in their life. If you’re struggling with gaining freedom from addiction, perfectionism, self-criticizing, or anything else you know God is prompting you to change, then this book will be a catalyst for a full transformation. This book has taught me that I have some bad habits that I need to break. My first bad habit I choose to break was to stop biting my nails. I have realized that I tend to bite my nails whenever I am nervous or bored and impatience. I have to say this is still an ongoing process for me, but so far, I am growing some nails finally. But I will overcome this bad habit! I replaced this negative habit with a positive habit. I began reflecting on scriptures verses that provide me with peace instead of focusing on my worries and fears. Some bigger bad habits that I will be breaking next is self-criticizing and perfectionism. The book is not a book to be just read, it will require readers putting action behind breaking their bad habits. Breaking bad habits isn’t going to be easy. They will take a great of effort with working with God on breaking them, but good habits can be created. If you’re looking for a magnificent resource on breaking bad habits and establishing good habits, then this one is for you! 

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