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Red Dawn Rising: A Novel (Red Returning Trilogy) By Sue Duffy Book Review

My Thoughts:

Sue Duffy is back with the second book, entitled Red Dawn Rising in the Red Returning Series. Cass is the main character in the second novel, whereas Liesl was in the first novel. Cass Rodino is a young set designer who designed sets in the Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, and Wicked on Broadway. She is about to see her very life change before her eyes. Her mother begged Cass to investigation and follow Cass’s step-father, Hans Kluen. He always claimed he was meeting business clients late at night and they believed that he was having an affair. Hans Kluen arrived at an apartment building and she saw a man close the drapes on the third floor and there were another man and woman behind him. When Hans Kluen left again in a cab, she was determined to get to the bottom of the secrets. She enlisted her friend, Jordan Winslow into helping her.

Meanwhile, Evgeny Kozlov, a former Soviet intelligence is back and he realized that he was serving and working for the wrong person. This time he is desperate to stop the Architect who has evil intents to destroy American’s people trust in their leaders and to reform the Soviet Union. The Architect is also wanting to kill Liesl, a famous pianist. Cass, Jordan, and Evgeny must team up in order to admit to rescue Liesl. Will the Soviet Union success in gaining control? Will Liesl and America survive? Can they handle the secrets that will be revealed? 

I would recommend this splendid novel to anyone who enjoys reading overflowing suspenseful novels and teenager and adults would infinitely be entertained. I read the first book in the series and Sue Duffy has amplified the action and readers will be longing to get to the bottom of the truth. The series keeps getting better with every book! I can’t wait to read the third and final book the series! I immensely liked the overall mystery feeling and the plot covering the Soviet Union. I especially loved the enormous secret that was exposed about Cass and her past and how she struggled to accept it. I completely didn’t see this one coming and most readers won’t. The book also enclosed a potential romance between Cass and Jordan and sparks being to fly. Throughout the novel, I actually believed that the gigantic terrorist attack could occur and the Soviet Union might be revived. If you’re seeking a vivid summer mystery book filled with a little romance, then this one is for you!

"I received this book free from the publisher from Kregel Publications book review bloggers program."


Book Info:


Twenty-seven-year-old Cass Rodino is a hardworking, dedicated set designer on Broadway. But, like the actors who take the stage every night, she is masking a different reality. Her secrets lie deep within past wounds too severe to expose to anyone.


Evgeny Kozlov has secrets of his own. A former KGB assassin, he is trying to outrun the underground revolution he once served. Trying to right his wrongs, he's in a race against time and against a former colleague, Ivan, who has sinister plans to bring down the United States, including an assassination attempt on famed pianist Liesl Bower.


As Cass and Evgeny separately set out to save Liesl from an impending doom, both are hurled into a fierce CIA/FBI dragnet, not knowing that their formidable opponent-a most unlikely predator-is already closing in on them.


Book 2 of the Red Returning Trilogy, Red Dawn Rising mixes suspense, action, and romance in a tale of personal tragedy and triumph that will keep readers pivoting between the evil desires of world powers and the redeeming powers of personal faith, life, and love.


The Kindle version of Red Dawn Rising will be free June 20 and 21.


Download it here: 


Thanks, Andrew, for staying with me through this trilogy. I'm grateful for your review.
Sue Duffy


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