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Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot By Kurt W. Bubna Book Review

Epic Grace is written to assist readers into comprehending that God’s grace and mercy is a compelling critical aspect of grasping what being a Christian is truly all about. Kurt W. Bubna begins the book by admitting to his readers that he is a recovering idiot and he has made numerous mistakes throughout his life. By despite, his failures and his mistakes God was and is gracious enough to forgive him of his sins and give him implausible epic grace when he didn’t deserve it or earn it. He revealed to readers several personal stories about his heartaches, hardships, regrets, and how God’s amazing grace sustained him through his suffering.  

Kurt W. Bubna realized that perseverance and endurance during the difficult times is often overlooked. Most people don’t connect perseverance to the term grace. But he stressed that grace isn’t just about sinning and repenting, grace can also mean, receiving divine assistance while we are enduring through our struggles and suffering. God is always by our side in the midst of trying seasons of our lives and He promised to never leave us or forsake us. He is a true friend that sticks close to us and He has everything under complete control, even when we feel like there is chaos all around. Job was a man who feared God and stayed away from evil things and God surpassingly blessed him. Satan told God that if he could test Job and destroy everything he has then Job would surely curse God. God allowed it and satan began taking away everything Job treasured. Job had his donkeys and oxen stolen and all of his servants were tragically killed, next lighting stuck and burned up his sheep and all of his shepherds but one, and later raiders stole his camels and killed all of the servants but one. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worst, another blow hit it blew behind the knees this time. A messenger arrived and told him the awful news that his children was at their oldest brother’s house when a powerful wind swept and made the house collapse, killing everyone but the one messenger. Losing children would be the final straw for most parents but Job fell to the ground and worshiped God even after the fact that his children were gone. (I don’t know if I would even have the strength to do that) He was also tested in his health and was tortured with boils all over his body. His wife complained and told him to curse God and die. His friends kept blaming and stating that all of his problems was because of all of the sins that he has committed. Job went through appalling suffering that no one wants to have to undergo. But Job is an excellence example of someone who continued to worship God and trust him during these problematic trials.  

Unfortunately, Kurt W. Bubna has experienced terrible grief and it’s one his family never saw coming. His daughter-in-law went into premature labor at seven months along. On the way to the long drive to the hospital, Nathan, his son called and told them the news that his little son, Phineas was born with undeveloped lungs and only lived an hour. Like most people, Kurt questioned God and he didn’t understand why he had to lose his grandson. His entire family was heartbroken and devastated. During this trial, he learnt that God knows what it is like to lose a Son and God was always there to comfort him in his grief. I would love to write that was the only dreadful pain that he ever had to go through but it wasn’t.  

I also loved the personal story about how Kurt discovered his calling and destiny and how he became a preacher. I related to the questions on “the process of discovery” that he presented in the chapter entitled, “Driven by Destiny”. I massively benefited from this section and I was reminded to listen to the still small voice and promptings that God places on our hearts in order for us to determine God’s purpose for our lives. It’s also viral to listen to what others believe to be our gifts and talents from God. It’s important to make sure that the Godly advice we receive from our friend’s line up with what God is saying and what he says in His written word. This past year, God has impressed upon me to assist His chosen people in whatever areas, they are struggling in and help them to overcome their issues that our hindering them from being all that God has intended for them to be. I’m majoring in Psychology because I want to be equipped to help children and adults, who struggle with low self-esteem, eating disorders, love and relationship issues, red flags in dating, how to end bullying, preventing suicide, parenting children, marriage problems, overcoming addictions, grief, handling stress in the workplace, how to monitor technology usage with children, how to protect our children from predators, how to help foster children to deal with the trauma experiences of losing or being abandoned by their birth parents, and people who were abused. I’m still seeking God on where He wants me to serve and where I should focus on being a therapist or a counselor. This chapter greatly reinforced the significance of following God’s plan and purpose for my life.  

I would recommend this magnificent book about God’s epic grace to anyone who is feeling like a failure, and they are feeling terrible guilty for the sins that they have committed, and they feel like God can’t possible forgive them and love them. This book will proved to you that God can forgive us of our stupid mistakes and sins, all we have to do is confess and repent, and turn away from our sins. God freely sent His only Son to die on a wooden cross for our many sins and He took the punishment we all deserved, which is death. The book will impart in readers that God will give them grace through whatever trials they have to withstand and He is constantly there. The book was a gigantic catalyst in helping me understand more fully the concept of epic grace. I immensely loved how Kurt W. Bubna was transparent in his struggles and triumphs and how epic grace from our loving Creator changed his life completely. He was very genuine in disclosing that he grew up in a dysfunctional family and his father had an unrealistic standard of perfection that no one could measure up to. His father also had secret addictions and was angry most of the time. Kurt shared that he was at one time, the prodigal son who rebelled and did shameful things that he regretted. He confessed that there was a time he drank a lot and partied hard whenever he got the chance. But by the grace of God, his life has turned around to where now he is serving God fully. I truly appreciated his honesty regarding his marriage troubles and how they went to a marriage counselor for guidance. The notion of the large circle conveying how a marriage covenant bond is supposed to work during the different stages of marriage was very life changing and will be extremely helpful to readers. I also loved the chapter about Caleb and his adoption story it was very inspiring to learn about how Caleb became to be a part of Kurt’s daughter, Jessica’s family. I greatly hope that God has me a Caleb out there somewhere in the future. I highly commend Kurt for writing such a life changing book and being extremely open to his fellow readers. If you’re looking for a book on the topic of grace, then you need to read this one!  

“I received an advance PDF copy of the book for free from the author for this review and I was a member of the book launch team”. 

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