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What It Means to Be a Man: God’s Design for Us in a World Full of Extremes By Rhett Smith Book Review


In What It Means to Be a Man, Rhett Smith to guide readers into tapping into their masculinity and being more centered on God’s design for our ultimate manhood journey. The book is divided into four sections, “Awareness, Honesty, Openness, and Movement”. Rhett Smith begins the book by exploring the concepts presented in David’s life. He also described the different archetypes that David was and he encouraged men to be honesty about which one they tend to be. He makes a great point and asked the tough question that every boy ponders at one time of their life, “Do I have what it take to slay the giant?” (Page 23).  Men, our giants can be sickness, disease, financial problems, father wounds or fatherlessness, marriage problems, wayward sons and daughters, the fear of intimacy, being vulnerability, the fear of sharing their emotions and thoughts, depression, anger, suppressing their feelings with addictions, etc. There are a number of giants we may be facing and throughout this book, Rhett Smith will assist men in finding out what it truly means to be a man.  


This book helped me to realize that I struggle with living in balance between being too passive and aggressive. I tend to be too passive and I withdraw and most of the time I have trouble being vulnerable and being intimate. I fear in being hurt again, rejected, or abandoned. I also noticed that in one of the chapters that I do in fact have a father wound. My father has always been there for me and there has always been an emotional distance between us. He was continuously driven to work hard and achieve. His dad died when he was ten years old and I know he had to teach himself how to be a man. My dad hasn’t really taught me how to be a man and he knows way more about fixing cars, then I do. I kind of wished he passed down some of that knowledge. And we rarely have a conversation together even though we live in the same home. I especially loved the suggestion that Rhett Smith gave men, he encouraged fathers to actively engage with their sons every single day. Just think of the impact this small act could have and influence your child’s life.


I would recommend this outstanding book to every single man, son, and father who is deliberating what it truly means to be a man. This book will positively influence every man and challenge men to vigorously participate in their lives. I immensely loved the content and study guide offered in this phenomenon book about a God centered approach to manhood. I also loved the aspect of the book being written as short chapters on topics that men struggle with and the book could be read and studied as a devotional. Rhett Smith personally endorsed that men read should read it for a total of sixteen weeks (4 months) and with a group where men are strengthened and transformed together. The book provided viral healing and the importance to dwell on my identity in Christ and His unconditional love for me. If you’re looking for a life altering book on becoming the man God has created you to be and you’re longing for your relationships with others and most importantly God to be fulfilled, and intimacy to be rekindled, then read this book and be changed!

"I received this book free from the publisher through the Moody Publishers book review bloggers program." 


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