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Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown By Eric Blehm Book Review

In Fearless, Eric Elehm has written a collective biography outlining the details of Navy SEAL SIX team member, Adam Brown. Adam Brown grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas and he was always the wild one and displayed tremendous fearlessness. One time in high school, he even jumped from a moving vehicle going thirty miles per hour over the side of a bridge into the water. He survived and loved the experience. He also had a few other all-pervading action moments in his youth and I think you will see why he always had courage and strength.


In his youth, Adam Brown struggled with a drug addict and stole from his loving family. His girlfriend at the time introduced Adam into drugs and they both depended on each other and bonded over drugs. He began to hang out with the wrong crowd and eventually wound up getting arrested a few times. One time when he was arrested, his parents reached out to a local pastor and the pastor agreed to meet with him. His pastor suggested that Adam needed to attend Teen Challenge and the judge allowed it. He was required to attend for a full year and if he left, he would be arrested for the reminder for his sentence. This program taught him a great deal about the Christian faith and the prodigal son in scripture and Adam connected with the story enormously.


He turned his life around and finally met his wife, Kelley. He also struggled some relapses throughout the book. Meeting his wife lead him to, realizing his exact passion was to train to be a SEAL and most of the book clarifies the difficult training procedures that they put SEAL team members through. Only a very few people can rise to the challenge and make the team. He ultimately became a SEAL SIX team member and was unfortunately killed in combat. The book will guide readers through the courage and compassion that Adam Brown’s life publicly and privately demonstrated.


I will admit that I cried during reading this book and it’s a problematic one to read because it is very touching and emotional. Adam Brown left behind a lasting legacy that their two children will be proud of their father. I immeasurably enjoyed the poignant stories about Adam connecting with his children and being an active father when he was home. He would take each children individually out for a fun activity with their daddy and he would also have a date night with his wife. This showed how much he loved and cared about having a relationship with his family. He also wrote notes down for his children where they read about his journey as a SEAL member when they got older. One of the most amazing stories was about how he saw little children in Afghanistan having no shoes or socks and it was nearing winter. He thought about his own children and he felt called to ask his family, friends, and church for assistance and they passionately donated shoes and his team risked their lives in delivering the shoes. He also completed his bachelor degree and was planning to apply to Harvard went he was done serving. He knew the trials that he already has overcame in his life and he wanted to succeed in Harvard. Another life changing story was when Adam and his friend, Kevin helped a young boy buy cleats, athletic glasses, and pads. They both agreed that someday they would search out for that boy who was poor but was needing support and new football gear and purchase that kid new gear. This book spoke volumes of the type of character Adam was.


I would recommend this excellence book to every adult who enjoys reading Military books and books filled with stories about strength and courage. Just as a side noted this book does include some cuss words but it isn’t that bad. Overall, I liked the aspects of Christianity being displayed throughout the book and the raw truth of how Adam’s past defined him for many years and his awesome turn around that God was able to perform in his life. I loved the stories that people who knew Adam Brown shared with Eric Blehm in the writing of this incredible book. I learned so much about the intense training and missions that SEAL members have to go through to protect our country. Anyone serving our country is truly a brave hero and I appreciated their sacrifice and dedication to their cause and mission! If you’re looking for a stirring book filled with stories of audacity, then please read this book!  


“I received this copy of Fearless for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”. 



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