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Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace By HeathLambert Book Review

In Finally Free, Heath Lambert is on a mission to assist readers in breaking the strongholds of pornography in their lives. Most people struggling with pornography use excuses as defense mechanics and they rationalize why it's completely normally for them to continue down a destructive path. He pointed out at the very beginning of the book that this book doesn't contains numerous statistics on the porn industry and it's effects on users. He has witnessed firsthand that sharing about the dangers of pornography, isn't bringing lasting freedom from this addiction. Instead, he tackles the issue from relying on the power of Jesus Christ to eliminate pornographic images from your life. 

The first chapter sets up the fundamentals of the critical areas of understanding grace. Grace has two major aspects: forgiving grace and transforming grace. Forgiving grace means that all sins that we commit can be forgiven by the blood and debt paid by Jesus' death. This includes any and all sexual sins and immorality. Transforming grace means asking and believing that God can actually assist us in destroying our ties to sexual sins. Next, he goes into details and uses eight different key tools to conquer a pornography addiction. 

One of my favorite chapters was, "Using Radical Measures to Fight Pornography." Heath Lambert suggests that people struggling with a pornography addiction must take a radical approach in your thought life, in your use of time, and cutting off access to porn. Only then will we win the victory in eliminating the control porn has over us. Managing your thought life starts with repenting for your sins and resisting sexual temptations. Next, it's important to remember scriptures to fight back against sexual sins. The third crucial key is leaning on support from trusted accountability partners and friends, and reaching out to them, and calling them when faced with temptations. The biggest difficult facet that Heath recommended was removing the technology equipment completely from your life that you are using to access porn images. Not everyone will have to go that far, but if sexual temptations are ensnaring you, and you can't break free, you may have to. If people who are looking at porn would seriously put into practice these protection measures, victory would be obtainable. 

Another favorite chapter was, "Using Your Spouse (or Your Singleness to Fight Pornography". I immensely connected with the importance of striving for total purity with your spouse or future spouse. The way Heath Lambert shared about the dangers of the forbidden woman was truly life changing and eye opening. Scripture warns us repeatedly in Proverbs 5:1-14 about the dangers found in sexual immorality and the forbidden woman. He forbidden woman knows how to lure and seduce men with her words. But at the same time, she is trying to destroy and take the man into the path of destruction. Ultimately, in Proverbs 5:15-20, we learn about the positive effect of pursuing our wife and having an intimate marriage. Scripture also states that we are supposed to be fully content with our wife's physical body and we shouldn't be needing to lust after pornography. 

I would strongly recommend this incredible book to anyone who is struggling with an active addiction to pornography, and they are truly sick and tired of the control it has over them. I would also recommend this amazing resource to anyone who knows someone who is fighting against pornography temptations and they are wanting to learn more about how to assist in helping their loved ones to win the final victory. This book is mainly written towards men and their sexual temptations, but it does include a few women stories and their challenges with pornography addiction and loneliness. I commend Heath Lambert in taking such a radical stance in beating sexual sins and temptations. The different methods on defeating the strongholds of sexual immorality prevalent in your life isn't going to be easy. I highly believe that if readers would firmly establish and activate the principles present in this book, their lives would be transformed completely. If you're seeking a wonderful book on breaking free from a pornography addiction, then read this book! 


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