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Daybreak: A Guide to Overcoming Temptations By Nathan Ward Book Review

In Daybreak, Nathan Ward observed that many people are wavering when it comes to viewing their own sin and they tend to overlook their sins. They might not really believe their sin is such a big deal. Self-denial is the biggest failure of why we struggle against overcoming temptation. Nathan Ward stated God views sin way different than we currently do. It’s crucial to remember sin is extremely insulting to God and we’re called to live a life of holiness. He breaks down the key truths found in 1 Peter 1:13-19 and shared “how to be holy” and “why to be holy”. We are commanded to be obedience to God and to be holy like Him. When Jesus shed His blood on the cross for our sins we were bought with a Heavenly sacrifice and this leads to salvation being possible. Nathan Ward looked at three main aspects in resisting and fleeting from temptations: “The Call”, “The Enemy”, and “Temptation”.


Nathan Ward explored the strategies of our adversary and enemy, satan. The devil certainly loves to continue deceiving us and the majority of the time, he uses the same tactics since the beginning of time. Satan condemned Eve by asking her a question and making her doubt what God had declared about the forbidden tree. He manipulated and confused her thinking and she began to wonder about the tree. Satan told Eve that she wouldn’t die if she ate from the tree and they she would be like God. Nathan pointed out Adam and Eve was already like God and they were freely walking and talking with Him. But satan deceived her and she began to long and crave for something tasty from the tree. Many of us are still falling for his terrible schemes and deteriorating into temptations.


One of my favorite chapters was “Temptation: In the Fray”. When we are facing a temptation, Nathan Ward encouraged readers to follow how Jesus endured being tempted by satan in the wilderness and practice these same principles to obtain victory in their own battles. Jesus was fasting from food for 40 days and nights and Satan demanded Jesus to turn stones in bread. Jesus answered back that man should live out of the written Word of God. A significant statement Nathan pointed out was believers must realize that telling satan no one time isn’t going to make him run and hide forever. As long as we are on Earth, we will have to combat and repel temptation. Jesus used scripture to defend and conquer against the schemes of the enemy.


I would recommend this astounding book on overpowering temptations to anyone who is struggling with any type of temptations and they are seeking to discover freedom from satan’s power. I believe, Nathan’s stance on actually deciding ahead of time that you will display integrity before you are in the battle of temptation will ultimately assist readers in obtaining liberty. I also liked how he included numerous scripture references and stories to back up the critical essential in fighting against temptations. I immensely enjoyed the inevitably feature of using scripture to attack satan and to weaken his effect and control over our lives. I felt Nathan Ward did a prodigious job in clarifying satan’s schemes and enlightening his intentional strategies in harming believers. I commend Nathan Ward in writing such a life enhancing guide in overcoming temptations. If you’re struggling with temptations, then read this book!


“I received this book for free from Cross Focused Reviews / DeWard Publishing Company for this review”.


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