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‘Til Heaven Invades Earth: Power Principles for Intercessory Prayer By Cindy Trimm Book Review

In ‘Til Heaven Invades Earth, Cindy Trimm has written this book to guide readers into praying and interceding on the behalf of others. Throughout the book, she explored the way Esther displayed incredible faith and courage in facing King, Ahasuerus. Before she enter his presence, she fasted for three days and she prayed for strength and favor. There was a really danger in entering the king’s presence uninvited. He could decide to eliminate the person or he could permit their passage. He granted her favor and he met with his bride. Esther explained the terrible genocide that was planned for the Jews. Cindy Trimm used Esther as her example in understanding intercessory. Like most of us, we have noticed that the world is in troubling times, but how often are we really praying for the issues that are bothering us on a global view. Cindy Trimm identified that it’s time for the prayer warriors to arise and to be dynamic and forceful in our prayers, and to pray for the needs and burdens of the world.


Cindy Trimm goes into great detail on putting on the full armor of God found in Ephesians 6:10-18. She also reminded readers that Jesus himself practiced intercession and we’re commanded to follow in Christ’s example. She revealed the three different works of grace. The new one that I learnt was the grace in pursuing the plans and works, God has preordained for us uniquely to complete for His kingdom. Following God’s will for our lives begins in praying regularly and asking for His wisdom and strength daily. The book also covered the judiciary of Heaven and what to pray in intercession prayers.


One of my favorite quotes was, “Things are the way they are because no one is standing before the throne of heaven to ask that it be otherwise” (Page xvi).


I would recommend this magnificent book on intercession and praying for other people needs and the world issues at large. I immensely love how Cindy Trimm crafted the book and encouraged believers to pray for our president, Senate, Congress, world leaders, and their spouses. I like how she included the crucial importance of praying for worldwide issues like human trafficking, hunger, child abuse, religious persecution, etc. This book made me realize that the majority of us pray during election year, then after they are in office we tend to quit praying for them. Now more than ever, believers must began to pray that our nations will turn back to God, and repent for our sins, and declare that we will serve the Kingdom of God! I enjoyed her helpful suggest in writing down a prayer list on paper, notecard, or smartphone in order to make it easier to pray during your prayer times. I loved the “Appendix B: An Example of a Prayer Guide for Praying the Disciple’s Prayer” section, because it served its purpose as being an effective resource in emphasizing to readers on how to intercede on behalf of our world leaders. If you’re seeking a life changing, powerful book on intercession and praying over world leaders and issues concerning the world, then read this book!



“I received this book for free from The Booketeria/ Charisma House for this review”.

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