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I Tried Until I Almost Died: From Anxiety and Frustration to Rest and Relaxation by Sandra McCollom Book Review

In I Tried Until I Almost Died, Sandra McCollom explored her journey with struggling with trying to be perfect, she obsessed over eating healthy, and she believed her household must follow all of the right rules. She eventually received a revelation from God on January 2, 2012 and she realized that God loves her because of who she is and His love doesn’t change even when she falls short. She also discovered that Jesus was never hurried, afraid, or stressed out. She began to dig more deeply into God’s Word and she studied about the power of grace and living free from guilty about not being perfect. Throughout the book, she shared tons of scriptures that helped to set her free from condemnation and she revealed personal stories about how God changed her life around.


I would recommend this amazing eye opening book to anyone who is struggling with perfection and feeling guilty because of your mistakes and flaws. This book taught me what the scriptures declare about receiving grace for our countless failures. I especially liked how Sandra McCollom shared stories from own life about how she overcame her addiction to perfection and how God helped her to break free. I immensely enjoyed how many scriptures verses she included throughout the book. I learned about my righteousness found solely in Christ and my true identity and this is something I need to be reminded of every single day. I also loved how the book contained a special section entitled, “God’s Promises to Live By” and she shared powerful scripture verses and she explained what it meant. If you’re seeking an encouraging book about finding freedom from feeling like you have to be perfect for God to love you, then read this book!



“I received this copy of I Tried Until I Almost Died for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.


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