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Adonai: The Power of Worship from the Land of Israel Album Review

I’m a member of the Family Christian Bloggers and they provided me with a free copy of “Adonai” for this review.


Adonai is a Hebrew album about the Holy land of Israel. The album also encloses some English words mix in throughout the diverse songs. It was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. The album begins with the “Aaronic Benediction” and this one states the scripture passages found in Numbers 6:24-26. This scripture is a well-known verse about how God will bless you and His face will shine upon you and give you wonderful perfect peace. All of the songs on the album is related to a scripture passage and is Biblical founded.


One of my favorite songs is “Hallelu Et Adonai (Praise the Lord) because this one has the Heavenly feeling to it and it has a great tempo. I can sense the passion the singers had in singing praises to our Lord. This song is based off the scriptures of Psalm 117 which declares every nation must praise the Lord and be thankful for all He has done for us and for His mercy and forgiveness He has shown towards us.


I would recommend this amazing album to anyone who is curious about how the music sounds in Israel and they are wanting to know more about their culture. I had trouble understanding all of the words and their meanings because I’m not Hebrew and I haven’t really studied their language. I liked how the album lining booklet contained the words in Hebrews and the lyrics to the side in English where people who can’t read or speak Hebrews can understand the meaning of the songs. I also liked how they included small pictures of the different singers on the tracks. I love how the album contained so many different instruments such as flutes, drums, guitars, cello, shofars, and much more. The album had a simple vibe and all of the tracks sounded peaceful and you could tell they were praising their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



If you would like to purchase a copy of “Adonai”, then check it out on Family Christian:



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