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Good Health, Good Life: 12 Keys to Enjoying Physical and Spiritual Wellness by Joyce Meyer Book Review

In Good Health, Good Life, Joyce Meyer explored twelve different keys to assist readers in living a better life physically and spiritually. The book covered topics such as, receiving God’s help, loving your body, mastering your metabolism, being mindful about what you’re consuming, drinking lots of water, de-stressing your life, and much more. She encouraged readers to read the whole book first and then to reread the book and pick out one or two things and gradually try and interment them in their daily life. Then continue the process and make it a lifelong commitment. This book contains some material from her book, “Look Great, Feel Great”.


One of my favorite chapters was, “Learn to Love Your Body”. This chapter discussed why people hate their bodies and why they reject the way God made them to be. One of the big reasons people don’t like their bodies is because some have received physical abuse from their childhood and others have received negative and degrading comments about their bodies that have caused them to live in constant shame. Another reason is we enticed to look at countless media images of perfect bodies. They are constantly showing celebrities and models that are very fit and well put together. And the media uses the correct lighting and they are masters at using Photoshop. Joyce Meyer shared that people who are living with shame about their bodies must accept God’s love for them and learn to love their bodies where they are at. She also discussed that we need to be more focused on our overall health and not what the scale says.


I would recommend this life changing book to anyone is ready to begin the journey towards living a healthy life, physically and spiritually. Joyce Meyer does an excellent job covering the steps to living a healthy life by sharing helpful information about nutrients, metabolism, eating right, and drinking water. But what I really liked most about this book is how she incorporated how important it is to be spiritually healthy and letting God help you in your journey towards being healthy. This book taught me the importance of asking God for help and receiving His divine help and giving Him the burden of what is causing us to overeat. If readers will follow the keys in this book, and develop healthy habits, their entire lives will dramatically change!


“I received this book free from Hachette Book Group/Faith Works.”


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