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Live Love Lead: The Best is Yet to Come by Brian Houston Book Review

In Live Love Lead, Brian Houston has written a book to inspire readers to believe that their future can be better than their past. He explained to readers the importance of travelling through the narrow gate and following Christ and His teachings. He divided the book into three sections live, love, and lead like Jesus. Brian Houston grew up in the church and his father was a preacher. Brian also had the calling on his life to become a preacher. But he admitted at first he had an enormous fear of speaking in public and he would constantly blink when he spoke. He overcame his fear by relying on God’s help to see him through. Throughout the book, he revealed how he built a mega church called Hillsong Church in Australia and a few other Hillsong churches in other locations around the world. Hillsong is also the home of incredible praise music such as, “Mighty to Save, Desert Song, Your Great Name, Oceans, From the Inside Out, Shout to the Lord”, and many more. 

One of my favorite chapters was entitled, “Confident in the Call” because this chapter discussed how many of us struggled with being conformable in our own skin and living the life God has called us to live. Brian Houston explored the Biblical character Gideon and how he lived in fear and how he was hiding and running from what God told him to do. Gideon was a part of the army of Israelites. The Israelites was held captive by the Midianites. God called Gideon to lead the Israelites in battle against the Midianites. Gideon was hiding in fear and God called him a mighty man of Valor. Gideon argued with the angel trying to explain how he wasn’t capable and questioning why God allowed the Israelites to be taken captive by the Midianites. Brian encouraged readers to find out who God has called them to be and to live out the life He has called you to live.

I also loved the personal stories about how Brian Houston struggled with preaching and how he made excuses and tried to run from his true destiny and calling. When he attended Bible College, every student was expected to give a devotional discussion in front of seventy people. When he was supposed to go next, he walked out of the session and drove away. He didn’t teach a devotional because he was afraid to speak in front of a large number of people. It’s amazing to see the aftereffects and watching him on TV, I wouldn’t have ever guessed that he ever lived in fear of preaching to large audiences. And to see him leading one of the biggest churches in the world now is inspirational. 

I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is ready to live their life to the fullest and pursue their God given purpose for their life. This is the first time, I have heard some of the stories about Brian Houston’s life and some background stories from the lead singers of Hillsong. It was very encouraging to read about how in 1995 a Christian singer, Darlene Zschech became a worship leader at the very last minute. Hillsong’s worship leader quit the day before they were supposed to record an album. Many people was afraid of a woman leading a worship album. They took a chance and the song, “Shout to the Lord” was a huge success. I also appreciated the courage Brian Houston took in revealing the personal story about his father and how he discovered painful secret his father kept. The secret threw Brian through a whirl-wind and to see how Brian dealt with the pain and moved forward was inspiring. The book has countless practical lessons on how to live, love, and lead like Jesus and this book is one that I highly recommend reading! 

“I received this book free from Hachette Book Group/Faith Works.” 

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