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#Struggles: Following Jesus in a Selfie-Centered World By Craig Groeschel Book Review

#Struggles is a book written to assist readers in regaining control of their lives and their use of social media. Craig Groeschel knows that we are becoming more addictive to all kinds of social media and we’re losing the connection of intimate relationships and friendships. Throughout this book, Craig explored eight Biblical values: contentment, intimacy, authenticity, integrity, encouragement, and many more to help us learn to balance our access in using social media. 

The book begins discussing the topic of contentment and how many of us are looking at our friend’s Facebook’s, Pinterest, Instagram’s, and how we’re not content with what we have. We are constantly comparing what our friends are doing and what new items they have that we secretly want. Craig also shared an insightful survey about how students revealed how dissatisfied they were while looking at Facebook and how critical they felt towards themselves afterwards. The results of this survey wasn’t that all surprising to me because I could see how people could easily become so consumed with looking at what their friends are doing and becoming unhappy with their own lives.

Craig Groeschel categorized people’s envy into three categories: material and financial, relational, and circumstantial. This part of the book really hit home to me. I will admit that I have felt depressed while looking at what others are doing and how much farther along they appear to be in life. It is so easy to just get online and know everything that my friends are doing and being up to date. I realized that I struggle with relational envy and when I’m looking on Facebook or Instagram I always see a post about how someone else is getting into a new relationship and it’s going really well, someone got engaged, someone posting about their happy marriage, and someone expecting their first child. And I’m still single and can’t see to find the bliss and happiness in a relationship that other person appears to have. I know looking at my friends Facebook’s continuously only leaves me with the feeling of being jealous and envying what they have that I want. At the end of the day, I feel empty and wanting something more than I currently have. Craig shared that, “You will battle with discontent until you let Christ be all that you need” (Page 31). I really loved how Craig stated the importance of thanking God for blessing the other person’s life and praying that He would continue to do so. This is something I’m willing to do because I struggle with comparing and envying others. 

I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who struggles with balancing their usage on social media sites. Social media is harming our relationships and friendships. This book will assist readers into recapturing control of their access to social media. I loved how Craig Groeschel shared tons of scriptures throughout the book. I liked how he presented how social media is affecting our Christian walk and how we can fix it. We don’t have to completely cut off social media, we just need to limit our usage and have safeguards in place. This book will guide readers into following Christ and not being distracted by social media. If you’re looking for an excellent book about social media and you’re wondering how to combat all of the dangers of being too obsessed with what others are doing, then read this book!

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