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Vendetta: The Nikki Boyd Files by Lisa Harris Book Review

Vendetta is the first novel in The Nikki Boyd Files series. The main character is Nikki Boyd and she is a member of the Tennessee Missing Persons Task Force. Nikki joined the missing persons force when her sister, Sarah turned up missing ten years ago. Nikki was supposed to be picking up her sister from school and Nikki was late arriving. Sarah was kidnapped and the Angel Abductor left behind a Polaroid of Sarah. Nikki has intensely studied a number of kidnapping cases in order to try and determine who the Angel Abductor is. She has yet to find any trace of Sarah. While on a rock climbing trip with Tyler honoring his late wife, she received an important call from her boss asking her to investigate a missing girl Bridget near them. Bridget was a very active user on social media. She thought she was talking to a young guy but the guy didn’t really exist. Now they are desperately searching for any signs of Bridget. 

I would recommend this amazing book to anyone who enjoys reading suspenseful novels. I love how this book was very descriptive in describing the different scenes and the author knew how to make readers want to keep reading and turning the pages in order to discover more about the plot. I also like how the novel included some budding romance between Nikki and Tyler. I can’t wait to see where she takes the two main characters in the next book. I love how the book reminded me of the popular TV Show, Criminal Minds. I liked how the author allowed the characters to explore their faith and their lack of faith and questioning why God allows bad things to happen. I could relate to Nikki when she questioned God on why he allowed Sarah to be taken. I also related to the background story between Tyler and his first wife and how he struggled with losing his unborn child in an accident. Throughout the book, we see both Nikki and Tyler having to deal with their guilt before they can move forward and the healing that can be found. If you’re looking for a new mystery series to read and enjoy, then pick up this series! 

I’m a member of the Family Christian Bloggers and they provided me with a free copy of “Vendetta” for this review.

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