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Losing Ourselves in Our Technology Affairs

This semester in College, I had to write a paper for an English Class about the effects of technology. I have decided to share the paper, in hope that people will stand up for what is right. We all have a voice and can help make a difference in someone else’s life. I will be sharing my story over the next 5 weeks.

Technology was once a good tool to use, but it is turning into something bad. When the internet was invented, everyone thought the internet would be a wonderful asset to use once in a while. You could look up any kind of information you wanted to know about online. Now we have the internet available everywhere for us to use twenty four hours a day. You can access the internet from any mobile phone. We are in a constant connection with the whole wide world. We can look at our friends' Facebook status updates all day long. Users can even subscribe to get SMS updates from Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace that are texted to your mobile phone, when a friend status is updated. Some users on these sites tend to distribute all kinds of information with their friends. By having a constant communication with the world, technology has led to a number of people committing suicide. Cyber bullying is spreading all over the world and is happening in our very neighborhoods. Predators have even gotten the idea to start trying to sell human beings for sexual experiences, where the predators can make easy money off victims.