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The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan Book Review

In The Long Way Home, Charlie West is trying to search for answers about what happened to him and why he can’t remember the past year of his life. He can’t even remember falling in love with his crush, Beth Summers. The police are after West trying to capture him and put him back in jail for the murder of his best friend, Alex.  An undercover Islam group called the Homelanders is also trying to hunt down West and have him killed. He has to be constantly on the run from the police and the Homelanders. West is heading back to his hometown in search for the answers of who killed Alex and why. West is trying to protect his family, his lover, and his friends from getting into any trouble. He must prove his innocent before it is too late! He must not get killed or taken back to prison but the police and the Homelanders are coming for him! Will he find out the answers that he is seeking? Can he handle the truth? Will he be capture or killed in the process of finding out the truth?

I enjoyed book two in the Homelanders series! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves action and an adventure. The book is written for the Juvenile audience but my Granny has even read the series and loved it! So doesn’t let the word Juvenile scare you into not reading it, adults can read it too! It will keep you reading along trying to help West figure out the truth. I can’t wait to keep reading the series and enjoying the answers that are revealed. The book is hard to put down and it has a lot of action. This book series needs to be made into a movie or a TV series! I would watch it, for sure!

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Charlie West is amazing , I love him .


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