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Every Body Matters: Strengthening Your Body to Strengthen Your Soul By Gary Thomas Book Review

In Every Body Matters, Gary Thomas teaches readers the importance of being physically fit and healthy. We have a silver soul that must be shown to the world. Thomas believed that believers need to turn to God instead of turning to food to make us feel complete and whole. Foods will only temporary fill us up but you always have to keep coming back for more. Some believers in the church are becoming unhealthy and lazy in regard to working out and eating right. We forget that God has given us this body to be made holy and it’s His temple. He can only work through us if we are willing to follow Him. The church tends to not want to discuss the significance of having self-control when it comes to eating. Sometimes the pastors are unhealthy themselves and they aren’t eating and exercising the way they should be doing. If you don’t exercise and eat right you won’t be able to run the race God wants you to run. You will have less energy and you might also die sooner due to not treating your body like its God’s temple.

Some important points that stick out to me were:

“The reality is that overeating and obesity kill far more people than anorexia or exercise.” (99)

“Physical fitness is like farming. Much of the work that produces it is unseen. No one is applauding or even recognizing our efforts. But the life it creates can be used by God to bless and serve many. The “planting” is grueling; the harvest can be great.” (107)

This book isn’t about your typical fitness guide. It doesn’t include what to eat and how much to exercise. The book is about being spiritually healthy so you have the energy to perform what God wants you to do. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to become healthier for God. It’s very helpful for teenagers and adults in understanding the journey of living our lives healthy, the way God intended. It’s tremendously we run our race physically and spiritually with God leading us. Working out and eating the right kinds of foods benefit us to have the strength and energy in our daily lives. Thomas is a wonderful teacher in showing readers to turn to God for our needs and letting him assist us in our lives. Food isn’t our god and we don’t have to listen to it when it says to keep eating more. The devil wants us to not have the energy to follow God’s calling on our lives. If we are unable to have and show discipline and self-control Satan can just keep us running towards anything but God. He will try anything to stop us from listening to our Creator. We can’t help others if we are constant helping ourselves to something in the refrigerator. It’s deeply important to let God take control of our lives and our souls! He will help you to run your race!

Zondervan provided me with a free copy for the purpose of review.

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