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When Work and Family Collide: Keeping Your Job from Cheating Your Family By Andy Stanley Book Review

In When Work and Family Collide, Andy Stanley described the importance of balancing family life and your work schedule.  He has seen the effects of people choosing their job over maintaining a relationship with their spouse and children. At one point or another we have to cheat someone or something somewhere. We can decide to cheat the job or cheat our family. We can’t be everything to all people and there is no possible way to be involved in everything. Is working so hard and long hours in order to obtain the American dream really worth neglecting your family of their needs? This book shared many personal stories and steps to achieve a balance between work and family. The most critical step is to make a decision to spend time more time with your family. The next part of the step is making a plan on how you will do this. Making a decision and not following through won’t accomplish the task of being the father or wife you were created to be. He will take you through Daniel’s story with the King and show you how Daniel handled his situation. Andy Stanley encouraged readers to try a plan for thirty days and see how their lives will change for the better.

The book was previously released as Choosing to Cheat.

Here is a thought provoking revelation from the book:

“One day you’ll come home from the office for the last time. Nobody retires from his or her family to spend his or her final days in the office. Your last day may be at sixty-five when you retire or at thirty-five when you’re laid off. Either way, you’re coming home. What and who you come home to will be determined by how you live out your priorities between now and then” (Page 130).

I would recommend this wonderful book to every family and those who are planning to have a family one day. Some might not even have children but this book is still relevant and the message is still needed. There needs to be a balance and structure for our families. It’s important to not let work became the God of your life. Yes, we must work in order to live but in the process, we can’t forsake our family members who desperately want our love and support. This is the first book that I have read by Andy Stanley and he did a magnificent job at revealing the steps one must take in order to not cheat on your family. He didn’t sugarcoat the message of saying that we are all cheaters. We tend to not consider that cheating isn’t just with another person. Our jobs schedules are cheating many families right now. Maintaining and finding the balance between the office and home are the main important keys! This book will assist readers to start to learn how to say no to working long hours every single night.  We can choose to stay at the office until everything is done. But we must face the truth that everything will never be completely finished! The work will still be there tomorrow. Your family though may not be!

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.

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