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Who Switched Off Your Brain? : Solving the Mystery of He Said/She Said By Dr. Caroline Leaf Book Review

In Who Switched Off Your Brain? , Dr. Caroline Leaf has thoroughly researched the differences and similarities of men and women. She is a neuroscientist who studies the brain many different functions. In this book here are some different things you will learn: As a society, we think that women tend to speak more words daily than men but according to studies conducted men and women speak nearly the same amount of words daily. It greatly depends on our unique “I-Factor”, which differs from each individual person that God has designed each one of us to be. Men have to focus on one subject, conversation, or task at a time. Women are able to multitask and handle doing many different tasks and conversation topics at a time. Men at the end of the day have to have space to process and relief their stressful emotions. Women have to talk to release their stress and their emotions. Dr. Leaf proved her point about men and women are meant to complement each other. No one gender is better than the other. The important thing is to be there for each other in their needs.  This book can help you to recognize and understand each other more fully.

I would recommend this magnificent book to readers that are struggling with connecting with the opposite sex. This book will improve your relationships with your spouses, parents, children, bosses, family members, friends, and strangers.  You will see and learn how science has supported with tons of research and revealed the truths of how much we desperately need each gender. I immensely enjoyed how Dr. Leaf is a Christian Scientist and this book had many scriptures and that she also used science to reinstate her beliefs. Many researchers have established evidence for what the Bible has already clearly publicized! This is an awesome thing! The book has helped me to learn that my wife wants and needs me to show affection and empathy when she is talking and sharing a piece of her soul. The book contained diagrams of the brain structure and they are really enlightening in displaying the information. If you want help in any area of your relationships then read this amazing life changing book! Your relationships will vastly improve if these principles are set into place!

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