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It’s Okay You’re With My Father: A Child Abuse Investigator’s Call to the Church By William “Chris” Shelton Book Review


It’s Okay You’re With My Father is written to encourage churches to respond to the crisis of fatherless homes and to reach out in love especially to children who were brutally abused. Chris Shelton has a degree in Sociology, has served in the Army as an infantry squad leader, and eventually was asked to become a U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent. He was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his faithfulness and his outstanding integrity. For about eight years, he has been an investigator in child protective services. His job required that he had to travel a lot and he realized that he couldn’t be the husband and father that he felt God was calling him to be. He has recently decided to become a pastor and he founded Reach Out Christ’s Kingdom (R.O.C.K.) Ministries. His ministry is committed to inspiring churches in creating an environment where everyone is accepted and loved regardless of their past or background. The church is christened by the blood of Jesus and we’re to love others for who they are. He has a vision for every church to support foster care children and parents and to reach out in love and be the true Kingdom of God. Chris Shelton has written this book as a way to influence churches, pastors, and believers to be the church and he wants to wake people up over the issues that the church needs to address.


Chris Shelton shared a number of case stories throughout the book that will incite readers into recognizing the dangers that our children are facing. He begins the book by stating that many homes don’t have the fathers in the homes and most of our children are being raised by shows like, “Jerry Springer”, “MTV Spring Break”, and “Girls Gone Wild”. Some of the upsetting cases, he has worked was a 14 year old raping a 9 year old, a 21 year old raping a 14 year old, and a 11 year old virgin getting pregnant the very first time in a back seat of a friend’s borrowed car. He has questioned innumerable 13 and 14 year olds girls who admitted to have had six or seven sexual partner since they were 11 years old. He has experienced cases where fathers had raped their own daughters, one step-father even traded his own step daughter to a drug dealer and exchanged sex for drugs and then the step-father raped her and made her perform on him regularly, and a man who was full blown in occult practices and fondled one of the women’s daughter that he was seeing. He has also had to work cases where children lived in poverty and the family had low incomes. Most of the cases that he has worked child services was called in because of drugs in the home. The book contained so many more heartbreaking stories but it will inspire churches to reach out in love to a world who is in desperate need of love. The book title also came from a special hidden spiritual message that Chris Shelton explained. Towards the end of the book, he revealed that when he initiated his ministry the enemy tried to take his son, Adam’s life.


One of the stories that stood out to me was a case that Chris Shelton had to trust the Holy Spirit completely in order to solve the case and he believed that God would show in where the critical evidence was located at. A twenty-two year old man used to be a big popular kid at a local high school. After he graduated he began flirting with and hitting on underage young girls. He would use a tactic and a master plan in order to obtain what he was truly after. He would offer to take young girls who were out alone out for a drive. He would provide the girls with beer and then he preceded to have sex with them. Chris Shelton pointed out that many of the young girls are enticed with the fact that an adult man was showing them interest and affection. One day he targeted and picked out a 14 year old virgin. He tried to get her drunk but she didn’t like the taste of beer. She took a few sips in order to please him and where she would look like an adult. He was highly wasted and he raped her. When she arrived home she was crying and she told her mother what happened. The medical examiner stated that she was still bleeding and her tears were pretty bad. Chris knew that they no one saw her being picked up and they were no witnesses around. The twenty-two year old also used a condom and they couldn’t find it. Chris decided to use a method that they taught their special agents and he rode with the young girl back to where the incident happened. He guided her in picturing that she was watching a movie. She told him where to stop the car and Chris walked alongside the road and found the condom that was used. At first he denied having sex with an underage girl but when the condom was found he changed his answer and said it was consensual. He ultimately was convicted of the crime. This story displayed the power and the prompting that the Holy Spirit can assist us in our everyday lives in only we will listen.  

I would immensely recommend this magnificent resource to anybody in leadership positions, every pastor, deacon, believers, and even non-believers. The book will benefit readers in learning about child abuse and the viral need to take action and connect with people who are hurting and who are needing love and acceptance. The church is the leading catalyst for change and if churches would reach out to fatherless children, abused children, and foster care we could significantly impact our future generations for the better. I exceedingly liked all of the cases Chris Shelton shared in this book even though a lot of them were difficult to read because of the distressing content presented in the book. I liked how Chris relied on God and he prayed for God’s assistance during all of the terrible child abuse cases he had to encounter. I immeasurably valued the story about the vampire like occult and the very real facet that spiritual warfare is very existent. It reinforced that they are angels protecting us from the schemes of satan and his demons. The biggest lessons that I learned from the book was the importance of protecting our children from predators, watching what our children watch, and paying attention to who our children are talking to online. I also learned the hidden danger of viewing pornography and how that has affected a majority of the child abuse cases. I loved the appendix and the helpful steps to help people who were abused and how to distinguish the signs and symptoms. I also liked the stance Chris took in encouraging churches to help foster children and I whole heartily believe this is imperative. Chris did an astonishing job at convincing me that some churches must do more in helping, accepting, and loving abused children and children in foster care. This book will massively influence the body of Christ and this is a book that every church leader and member needs to get a copy and read!


“I received this copy of It’s Okay You’re My Father for free from the author for this review”.

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