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Facing Trials: Thoughts for Meditation by Cheryl Zelenka Book Review


In Facing Trials, Cheryl Zelenka wrote about her personal experiences she learned while going trials and how mediating on the Word of God has changed her entire life. In July 2011, she found how she had a noncancerous brain tumor and God miraculously healed her. This book is a guide on how she let the scriptures change her life and how they can also help readers change theirs. We all experience hurricanes and storms that we feel is going to take us under and we won’t be able to survive and overcome our present circumstances. Cheryl shared that God promises that He heals the brokenhearted and He will help heal their wounds (see Psalm 147:3). It is extremely comforting to know that God is more than able to heal all of our broken pieces we are experiencing because of our situations. She shared the powerful verse found in Joel 2:25 and this one talks about how God declared that he would repay you back for the years the locusts have taken. This verse is an encouraging scripture because it promises that God will not let one thing be wasted.


Another facet of the book was when she looked at the power we let fear control our lives. Fear and worry has a way of taking away our hope and keeping us trapped and unable to move forward. She reminded readers that there is no fear in perfect love (see 1 John 1:7) and we don’t have to be afraid in the mists of our present storm. Fear is one of the greatest weapons he uses against believers in order to discourage and attempt to stop us from reaching our full potential and accomplishing our God given destiny. She revealed that God has said He wouldn’t leave us or forsake us and just like Joshua we are commanded to be courageous against whatever we may face (see Joshua 1:9).    


I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is struggling in life and they are dealing with a terrible hurricane and they don’t see a way they can survive and overcome this storm. Fear may be trying to overtake you and the fiery darts from the enemy, satan is becoming too strong and you don’t see a way out. But this book is written with you in mind, it contains tons of scriptures verses in order to covey the true message of Christ and the peace and hope He gives His creation. I really loved how Cheryl wrote the book in a way that readers can connect with and they can be encouraged by the words portrayed by someone who has been trials. I truly believe if readers would mediate on the scriptures and words presented in this book, it will greatly benefit them in overcoming and finding strength in the mist of their storm. I strongly recommend you get this book, in order to use this book as a reference when you are needing guidance in the different storms of life!


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