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No Fear: Real Stories of a Courageous New Generation Standing for Truth by Tony Perkins Book Review

I’m a member of the Family Christian Bloggers and they provided me with a free copy of “No Fear” for this review.

In No Fear, Tony Perkins explored our deepest hidden fears and how to have courage. Tony Perkins began the book by looking at Moses, Joshua, Mary, Paul, and many more and how God declared to them to not be afraid. Throughout the book, he shared stories to encourage readers to see how others dealt with their fears and made a stand for Christ. At the end of each chapter, he also related a story back to a character in the Bible. 

One of my favorite stories was entitled, “Too Pure for American Idol”. Moriah Peters grew up in a Christian home and received Him as her personal Savior when she was in the sixth grade on a youth group trip. In high school, she started a Bible study group in one of her teacher’s classrooms. This taught her to stand up for what she believes in and to live a life that is pleasing to Christ. She loved to sing in church and her mother and friends encouraged her to audition for the popular TV show, American Idol. She made it round after round in front of many different producers. Eventually, she performed in front of the judges. She chose to sing “Angel” by Jessica Simpson because this was the only song that contained a reference to Heaven. The judges loved her voice and they thought she sounded great. The producers of the show shared interviews of Moriah Peters that the judges saw. During the interviews, she revealed that she had never been kissed and she is saving her first kiss until marriage. Guest judge, Avril Lavinge stated that Moriah Peters was trying to be too perfect. Kara DioGuardi made comments about how she needed to go out and kiss a guy where she can feel sexy. They also told her to go kiss a guy and come back and audition again. She left the audition room and a random man approached her. The man told her that he loved her voice and how she talked about God. The man then introduced her to Wendy Green. Wendy’s husband is the musical director of Christian artist, Steven Curtis Chapman. Moriah Peters travelled to Nashville, Tennessee and recorded a demo to send to different labels in hopes of getting signed at the age of seventeen. Reunion Records liked what they heard and signed her. Reunion Records is also home to recording artists Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, and Brandon Heath. She also met her future husband, Joel Smallbone from Kings & Country and he was her first kiss when they married. 

I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who is ready to see how people of this generation is taking a stance for Christ and risking it all. I loved how Tony Perkins shared stories about Lila Rose and how she decided to stand against Plan Parenthood, Roy Costner who was instructed not to say the Lord’s Prayer during his valedictorian speech, Chad Farnan who had a teacher who stated derogatory comments about Christians during his class and how he decided to stand up against him and the school board. The book included many more amazing stories about young people living for Christ. I loved how Tony Perkins related each story back to a Biblical character and he included scripture to encourage readers to have courage in today’s times. I believe this book is very timely considering the fact, our faith is being tested more and more each day and people are trying to censor Christ out of everything. This book is a must have for every middle school, high school, college student, and young adult! This book will inspire you to have courage and to use your voice and actions to make a different even when faced with persecution! 

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