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Naming Our Abuse and Journey to Heal Book Reviews

My Review for Naming Our Abuse:

I would recommend this awesome book to any male that has been abuse whether sexual, physically, mentally, or spiritually. I liked how this book was written by three men who shared details about what they went through with dealing with the horrible abuse. I especially loved how the authors also included questions throughout the book in order to assist people in finding their hope and healing again. I also liked how they had a little bit of room to write the answers. They talked about the difficult emotions of angry and even how guilt and feelings of suicide. I immensely liked how real the men was in trying to help others find healing and strength to continue on in their journey.    

My Review for Journey to Heal:

I would recommend this book to all females who have been abused. Men could also benefit from reading this book! I especially liked how this book stated truths to encourage and remind readers that they aren’t alone in their journey and also how the abuse wasn’t their fault and they couldn’t have prevented it. The statistics shared in this book was heartbreaking and it’s shocking to see how the number are only rising! I liked how this one contained scriptures verses and passages the readers could engage in to help them in their healing. I also liked how this one has a special prayers after each chapter to help readers to grow more spiritually. I also liked the layout of the book and how she included steps for each chapter.
 “I received a review copy of Naming Our Abuse and Journey to Heal from Litfuse for this review.”

About the book:

Naming Our Abuse: God's Pathways to Healing for Male Sexual Abuse Survivors (Kregel, April 2016)

A stunningly vulnerable look at the horrific realities of sexual abuse and how to overcome them.

Male sexual abuse is increasingly in the news, from scandals in the Catholic Church to exploitations at Penn State. Yet books and programs about healing are still overwhelmingly oriented toward the female survivor of abuse. As men who experienced childhood abuse, the authors of this book are uniquely qualified to address the healing process of male survivors.

Using the metaphor of a car accident, Naming Our Abuse leads the survivor from the Wreck to the Accident Report to Rehabilitation to Driving Again. This four-step model illustrates that healing is a process to be nurtured rather than something that can be healed in a single telling. Following the authors' examples, readers are invited to find solidarity with other male survivors and develop an understanding of their own wounding through journaling exercises.

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About the authors:

Andrew Schmutzer is a professor of biblical studies at Moody Bible Institute (Chicago) and a graduate of Dallas Seminary (ThM) and Trinity (PhD). He writes about integrative issues surrounding abuse, trauma, lament, and spiritual formation and speaks regularly on issues of sexual abuse. Find out more about Andrew on his Facebook: Andrew.Schmutzer

Daniel Gorski is a thirty-year veteran software engineer, having worked for AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, and Nokia. He earned a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Illinois and an MS in Computer Science from Kansas State University, specializing in expert systems and software automation.

David Carlson is a special education teacher, working in the suburbs of Chicago for the majority of his adult life. He takes great pride in being an advocate for his students and their families, helping them to navigate whatever challenges life may present. He is committed to encouraging and supporting male survivors through the various stages of their healing.

About the book:

Journey to Heal: Seven Essential Steps of Recovery for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (Kregel, April 2016)

A path of hope and healing for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

A woman who was sexually abused as a child is confronted with many internal questions: Am I worthless? Will I get past the pain? Do I matter to God? These and similar questions can carve a deep hole in an already wounded soul. Too often, the lies of worthlessness are believed, the pain becomes too much to handle, and survivors find themselves making choices that lead to more heartbreak. With over 42 million survivors (both male and female) in the United States alone, the need for a clear path to healing is great.

Crystal Sutherland---herself a survivor of CSA---knows that while the recovery process is complex, healing is possible with God's help. For women who want to progress from simply coping to living abundantly, Journey to Heal guides readers through seven essential steps to recovery found in Scripture. Candid and open about her personal journey of healing, Crystal comes alongside her reader as a friend who understands. Infused with biblical truths, stories of hope from other survivors, and practical wisdom, this book leads women to discover the life of wholeness God has for them.

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About the author:

Crystal M. Sutherland is a writer, speaker, ministry leader, and mentor for survivors of sexual abuse. She has fifteen years of experience in ministry, including women's ministry, youth ministry, worship, and Bible teaching. She has also written and led a women's Bible study for female survivors of sexual abuse. Her work can also be seen on her active blog.

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