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Journey of My Run Week 1 : Day 5

Week 1

Day 5 - Tuesday, April 20

I went on the pathway of fitness in the awesome park. I had to walk/run before the Jo Dee Messina Podcast! I almost didn’t make it. I went only three laps today. I took 41761 steps around the track so far. I went a total of 1.67 miles today. I burned 1280 calories. I am guessing that the pedometer is keeping up with my whole totals for the calories and the steps. I am not really sure; I guess someone needs to actually read the booklet, in the near future. Or we could just wait and see how the numbers keep changing. I am leaning to waiting at least for right now. I hit the reset button every time; at first, I thought it actually cleared it. But maybe it only clears the time and the miles. Anyways, I walked for a total of 16 minutes and 5 seconds. First, I ran the first lap. Second, I walked the second lap like always. Third, I walk the last and final lap. Okay, I know I have to push myself a little bit more. I only have about one more month to do so, but I am going to get to that finish line! I know, with God’s help, I will keep improving in my journey to my destination. I could definitely use your prayers.

When, I got back, Jo Dee Messina started her Tuesday broadcast. She gave me a shout-out for my birthday tomorrow. Thank you, Jo Dee for the shout-out! Also, I would like to thank her for answering my question and asking the chat room what people thought about the show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. She thought one of my questions was, “powerful”. It was the question, “Why eat bad, when we know it is killing us?” You can watch the broadcast below.

Keep tuning in to her podcasts! Keep following my running show!


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