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Falls Like Lightning By Shawn Grady Book Review

Silas Kent is a smokejumper. Elle Westmore is a pilot who is the best in the business. Silas dated Elle for one summer then he called it off. Elle has since married and gotten divorced. She also has a daughter named Maddie now. Kent still has buried feelings for her. An enormous fire has broken out burning the forest rapidly. This fire has led them back to each other again. Broken hearts are having one more chance to mend. They will have to face the past where they can overcome the future. Silas and Elle fall into major trouble during the flight to put out the dangerous fires. They discover they are in for a rough ride. The smokejumper crew members are not at all what they seem. They are hunting for gold and they will kill in order to keep it for themselves. Will Kent and Westmore make it out alive and fall back in love? Can they stop the bad crew members in time or will the fire get them first?

I would recommend this novel to any teenager or adult who is looking for a thrilling and suspense filled novel. It will keep you reading along until you find out what has happened. This novel is filled with action and romance. Men and women will both enjoy this wonderful novel. I enjoyed reading about the smokejumpers. I never even imagined how hard of work they have to do to contain the fires. I appreciate how tough they are to keep us safe. They truly are brave! Shawn Grady does a great job at describing the scenes that I felt I was there along side with them. This was my first novel I read of Grady’s and it was worth it! If you want a great mystery novel then you should check out this one!

“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers book review bloggers program.”

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