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Nothing to Hide: A Roland March Mystery By J. Mark Bertand Book Review

In Nothing to Hide, Roland March is a Houston detective who discovered a man who had his head sadistically removed and the skin on his hands was de-skinned as well. The killer committed manslaughter with hope and belief that the police wouldn’t be able to identity who the victim was and who killed him. The FBI had to get involved in the case and they claim that the victim was a secret representative working undercover. The agent was assisting and trying to put an end to the Mexican cartels.  Roland is insisted in finding out the truth and the identity of the victim. The FBI is supplying him with a made up cover story to protect the other surreptitiously agents working towards bringing down the Mexican cartels. They are persuading him to stop digging up the truth and the facts and accept the lies they are telling him. Roland will be tested beyond his limits to search for the hidden darkness.


I would recommend this mystery novel to anyone who enjoys reading and investigating the life of a detective and a gigantic cover up with deceptions lurking around every corner. I immensely found interesting is that the author based his book on actual parts of events that occurred. I felt I was living through the pages of this book and I wanted to cease the Mexican cartels along side Roland. He was a likeable character who had the odds stacked up against him and he also was a loner who needed support and a team to back him up. He had to numerous times stand in opposition to injustice that surrounded him, wherever he seemed to travel. He fought for the truth to be revealed and the captives to be caught and charged by the justice system.  The Mexican cartels resisted him and tried to attack him but he still fought the good fight. If you enjoy a magnificent packed filled mystery novel then this is the series to devout to reading!


“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers book review bloggers program.”    


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