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By Faith, Not By Sight: The Inspirational Story of a Blind Prodigy a Life-Threatening Illness, and an Unexpected Gift By Scott MacIntyre

By Faith, Not By Sight is the autobiography of American Idol contestant, Scott MacIntyre. When he was about fourteen months old his mother knew in her heart that Scott wasn’t acting right and something was wrong. She told her doctor who claimed she was overreacting and he told her repeatedly that her son was fine. The doctor kept reminding her that he was her first child and she should stop being anxious and worried so much about him. And it turned out that his mother was without a doubt précised in knowing something was wrong with her child’s eyesight. A few months later the doctor declared he was born blind and they ran numerous and they couldn’t figure out what caused the blindness. His story is about living and still going after your dreams despite what you are up against.


At an early age, he began to learn how to play the piano and learnt to play music by ear. God started opening doors for him and his first gig was a wedding. The mother of the bride worked in public relations and called in a favor to have a story piece done on Scott’s gifts of playing the piano.  She scheduled to have CNN to attend the wedding and do a special piece on Scott’s playing. Since he was born blind his mother stood by his side telling him when to play and when to stop the performance. During the wedding his mother made him play the song over and over again and he couldn’t grasp why. Shortly he discovered that the bride fainted and they had trouble waking her up. Even though he was born blind God still have a wonderful plan and purpose for his life.


The book then goes on the discuss he won a scholarship to Cambridge University in England. During testing before the overseas expedition, he was diagnosis with a rare kidney disease and he would need a transplant. The book is about the struggles and challenges Scott had to encounter and face with being born blind, kidney disease, and American Idol journey. He chose to have a display of Faith in believing that God is able to do incredible things beyond what we can humanly see possible.


I would recommend this book to anyone who needs encouragement in their walk of Faith and they may doubt that God still cares and loves them for who they are. If you’re seeking healing and want an inspirational story about overcoming sickness and challenges then this book will impact you at the seams and it will touch your heart. The book is packed with examples of walking by your Faith in the Creator and not by what you currently are able to see! This book is also for people who are endeavoring to achieve their dreams and it’s imperative to remember that God has always so much more in store for us then we can even envision for our lives. This book has activated my Faith into believing that God will heal sick bodies, souls, and emotional problems and His power has never left His hands. He is in face able to do it! Scott personally had a lot of situations to conquer and triumph over but he didn’t let his blindness or sickness take over his life he still went after his dreams!

"I received this book free from the publisher through the Book Sneeze book review bloggers program.”


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