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Greater: Dream Bigger, Start Smaller, Ignite God’s Vision for Your Life By Steven Furtick Book Review

In Greater, Steven Furtick provided clarity on believing that Christians will do greater things for God’s kingdom through the power of Jesus. God wants us to be willing to assist the wounded and the hurting. Steven Furtick encouraged readers to not settle for mediocrity living but to achieve and go after the greater lifestyle.  He articulated his point by describing how the Prophet Elijah was told by God to employ Elisha as the next prophet after him. Elisha was a common man plowing a field with his oxen and living a boring mediocre life. His job wasn’t fulfilling him and he never believed that he would ever leave his current circumstances. He thought he would die where he was currently at. But God had a different plan for Elisha. Elijah arrived and took off his own cloak and put it on Elisha. This signified that Elisha would become the next prophet of the land and he had the blessings of God on him. Then Elisha stopped working and he proceeded to go burn his plows and he butchered the oxen and fed his community. He left everything behind to move forward into the purpose God has ordained for him. Many times before we travel to the next destination in life we have to leave things behind that would hinder our next level in life. Surrendering our ideas can be challenging and difficult but it leads us to the greater life in store for us once we finally truly let go. Waiting on God to tell us how it will happen and work out in the end leaves us waiting forever. Burning our plows that are holding us back is the first vital step to attaining our destiny.

I especially related and connected to the personally story that Steven Furtick demonstrated by speaking life giving words into his three children lives. He informs and reminds them daily all much he loves his children and how special, awesome, handsome, beautiful, and other life enhancing words that truly are. He always tells them, “My daddy says I am”. He does this in hope that it will instill confidence when a bully or someone else tells his children who they are. I personally see the greater impact it will have on his children self-esteem. Numerous fathers and mothers could change and shape the direction of their children lives if they would initiate in the importance of doing this. Another aspect to remember is to not assume that your children already know how much you love them and what you think of them! You need to speak out positive words over your children lives and don’t leave it to the world to portray the valve of your children and what their future holds. I have already decided that I will be captivating this parenting method when I have children. I now realized that the greater husbands, fathers, and friends aren’t afraid to share their emotional side by revealing to their children the truth they desperately need to hear.

I would recommend this astonishing book to anyone who desires to live the greater life and they are sick of just barely surviving and going through the motions of every day living. Steven Furtick has shown me the impact of removing and destroying our plows that are holding us back from chasing after our dreams. When we leave things behind we tend to deem we might be seen as a failure. But the payoff of believing John 14:12 that we can do greater things than Jesus is worth trying and knowing, we won’t have to live with regret of what could have been if we would have tried! Apart from Jesus we aren’t able to finish and complete greater works but with his loving hand we can. This book will open your eyes to distinguishing what the greater visions, dreams, relationships, careers, and works that God has that he wants to see you carry out for His glory. Reading this book has increased my expectations of everything God will be able to accomplish through me! And the greater life isn’t just for me God wants to use you too! Let’s burn our plows and go after everything God has for us!

“I received this ARC copy for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.

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