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Live to Give: Letting God Turn Your Talents into Miracles By Austin Gutwein Blog Tour and Book Review

Live to Give is a book about unpacking and discovering and using the gifts and talents God has graciously given to you. We all have received different gifts from our Creator and it’s vital we don’t spend our time and energy envying other person’s gifts.  Like most teenagers, Austin Gutwein has struggled with comparing himself to other people appearances and gifts. He always hated his freckles and he had trouble going outside because if he was outside to long his skin would sunburn. He believed and sometimes felt like he wasn’t good enough to make a different in the world. He eventually rose above and decided to get involved with using the gifts God has bestowed to him. At age nine, he started an organization called Hoops of Hope. He initiated a plan to shoot baskets in order to get people to donate to his cause and outreach. He even stated that he missed quite a few shoot when he played basketball but he used what little God has given him and God took him to another level. He has raised over three million dollars for communities in Africa.

Austin Gutwein polled random sampling to gather data about what people feared in their life. The majority from the sampling responded that their biggest fear was being unaccepted by others. I also agree that is probably my biggest fear that I have had to endure and deal with. I found the interesting study that Austin conducted to be very enlightening and extremely supportive in the overall concept of the book. Another aspect of the book he shared was about bullies who will try and persuade you to keep you from rising higher and accomplishing your vision of helping other individuals. Most of the people who criticize you are doing so because you are making a difference and using your gifts for the greater good. The bullies are feeling bad because in their hearts they are ignoring the call for them to actually join and support a cause. It’s far easier to complain and demean than it is to unite in on the mission.

Austin Gutwein personal story is a huge encouragement to teenagers, young adults, and adults to never perceive and believe that they are too young or too old to make a different in the lives of their communities and countries. I would recommend this book to all age groups who need encouragement and inspiration about the power of one changing the world. The book is written towards the audience of the young teenagers but older adults would still enjoy and benefit from this book. His story will reveal the importance of reaching out to the desperately hurting individuals around us and strangers we haven’t even met. God has entrusted us to be a blessing and to give ourselves, our time, our money, our love unselfishly! It’s up to us to discover and use what God has given us!

“I received this book for free from Litfuse Publicity Group/ Thomas Nelson for this review”.

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About the Book:

Want to do something for God but don’t know what? Want to help others but don’t know who? Want to know what it is you’re really good at doing? Your gifts may feel small and insignificant. But God can use them to work a miracle!

Inspired by the biblical story of the feeding of the 5,000, "Live to Give" delivers a message of hope that we all have something to give. Written in the down-to-earth, candid voice of the gifted young man who as a kid founded a relief ministry that has saved and improved countless lives in Africa, "Live to Give" is the message that every teen needs to hear: You are more special than you know, and you can do big things.

Jesus proved that no gift is too small when He used five loaves and two fish to feed a crowd of thousands. And if no gift is too small, too ordinary, or too random, there is no limit to what the youth of today can accomplish!

A teenage philanthropist who has built a high school, two medical clinics, and a dormitory in Africa—all before the age of 16—Austin Gutwein shares how to take what may seem like the simplest of talents, gifts, and interests and use them for something Jesus can use to move mountains.

Meet Austin:

As founder of Hoops of Hope, Austin started what is now known as the worlds largest Free-Throw marathon. Austin's Hoops of Hope has raised more than $2.5M to help orphan children in Africa. Austin also serves as Co-Chair of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Youth Council. As a highly sought after speaker, Austin has spoken and shared his heart in venues around the world. In 2009, Austin was selected into the Caring Hall of Fame as one of the top 10 most caring Americans.

Austin's first book, "Take Your Best Shot" shared stories that captured readers hearts and won a Moonbeam Award. For information on booking Austin or general inquiries, please visit

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