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Mind Monsters: Conquering Fear, Worry, Guilt, and Other Negative Thoughts That Work Against You By Kevin Gerald

Mind Monsters is written to assist readers into winning the battle against negative thoughts and imaginations. Kevin Gerald described that thoughts are like a train that we choose to board. Thinking wrong thoughts don’t benefit us they only hinder us from truly living freely. Faith surmounts worry, fear, condemnation, shame, confusion, and any other negative thoughts. Being positive and believing the best all comes down to focusing on the correct thoughts. Expecting the worst to happen steals your joy, happiness, and your life. Kevin Gerald has had his own share of casting down wrong imaginations. When he travelled to Bermuda, his family was involved in an accident that threatened to annihilate his family. He asked the question most of us ask tend to ask when bad circumstances occur. “Why did this have to happen to me and my family?” He had to believe God’s word that declares that God has astonishing plans to give us a future and a hope and he doesn’t want us to have to face destruction. Satan is the author of bringing impairment to Christ’s followers. This book will illustrate to readers on how to reject the lies of the enemy and how to replace the lies with the truth.

I connected to the notion that Kevin Gerald presented about the importance of your internal dialogue and how it effects where and how you are handling a situation. He portrayed a story about if you’re lost in the forest, and you hear something in the brushes and leaves, and you automatically perceive it to be a bear.  In this particular story, one person would believe it is a bear and then another could assume it is a bird or another creature. Only one who be right but it all initiated in what we chose to assume and imagine! Our internal dialogue and what we keep repeating to ourselves reveal how we distinguish frightening circumstances. This story is shared to help readers to realize that we can control our thoughts and what we believe to be true. Mediating on the Bible helps us to fill our lives with truth from the word of God. It can literally change our lives!

We can make ourselves happy and live fulfilling lives by focusing on positive thoughts about the present and the future. Or we can curse our lives with thinking about everything that is going wrong or could go wrong at any moment. Another aspect to remember is what we are thinking will ultimately come out of our mouths. It first started with a thought then it manifested as a spoken word!

I would recommend this marvelous book as a resource to use to guide readers into being more alert and aware of the kinds of thoughts they are thinking on. If you’re struggle with controlling the negative thoughts you are dwelling on, then this book will greatly benefit you like it has me! I immensely enjoyed the concept of thinking about who you want to become. Thinking about how afraid, depressed, hopeless, and guilty you feel isn’t going to produce happiness and joy in your life. Only thoughts that line up with the truth of God’s written word is going to radically benefit you. People who see the positive in their situations are focusing on positive outcomes. You can’t be negative and expect to become more positive and strong! This book has helped to recognized what I have been thinking about and believing about myself and others. Casting down the erroneous variety of thoughts requires a lot of determination to keep reshaping the negative thoughts into positive ones. Reading this book will help you to succeed in the battle of overcoming your negative imaginations!

“Charisma House has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.”

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