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You’re Stronger Than You Think: The Power to Do What You Feel You Can’t By Dr. Les Parrott Book Review

In You’re Stronger Than You Think, Dr. Les Parrott investigated the concept of the supremacy and power of your mind, heart, and soul.  He attested the importance of understanding the process of clearing your mind from the thoughts that are overwhelming you and holding you back from freely living. Many times, we over think events and situations before and after they occur. When we are trying to figure out something we must be careful not to confuse ourselves where we lose our focus on living in the present moment. Peaceful living is obtainable only when we clear our minds and listen to what God is conveying to us. God speaks when we depart from the busyness of our lives and are focal point is on Him completely.

Dr. Les Parrott shared a personally vulnerable story about the close call of almost losing his first son. His wife has to be put on bed rest when she was three months pregnant. The doctor stated a parent’s worst fears that the baby wasn’t growing fully and there is nothing they can do. The doctors decided for the health and safety of the mother and child to prematurely deliver the baby. The baby boy was born three months early and weighted only about a pound. The baby boy eventually was released from the hospital and he is fine today. Parrott had to realize that life is unpredictable and he had to surrender control over to the Lord. He recognized that he had to admit that he was broken and weak. Denying that he wasn’t feeling pain wouldn’t have allowed him to confront and heal from his heartache.  He believed in the aspect of admitting your weaknesses that you struggle with. We won’t be able to change if we refuse to see the truth!

I would recommend this magnificent resource to anyone who is afraid to be their authentic self. It’s vital that we learn to take off our masks many of us hide behind. Letting fear keep us from displaying our deepest feelings and ideas to others prevents us from acquiring intimacy in our relationships. I immensely benefited from the story about how a man was boarding a train illegally and he accidently picked the boxcar that was refrigerated. The door boxcar door closed and he was trapped and he couldn’t escape the boxcar. The man believed and expected that he would freeze to death. He became what he believed and he was found the next morning dead. The boxcar refrigerator stopped working and it wasn’t even on. In fact, the temperature of the boxcar was over fifty degrees. But his body reacted as if he was freezing to death and that led to him dying. If that doesn’t make you want to start expecting and believing better thoughts, then I don’t know what will. I now see how our thoughts can affect us as individuals since we are the only ones who can change what we believe. Believing the scriptures promises provides assistance in conquering our doubting and negative thoughts. This book has made me realize that I am in fact stronger than I have perceived myself to be! If you want to learn how you already are capable of overcoming your weakness, than this book is written just for you!

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