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Shattered: Alaskan Courage Book Two By Dani Pettrey Book Review

Karli turns up murdered and eyewitnesses claim that Reef McKenna had the murder weapon in his hands. Reef stated he saw it and picked it up and then he saw Karli on the floor covered in blood. Reef and Karli were good friends and they were sexually involved with one another and she was also sleeping with a married man on the side. When he was getting interrogated, he vowed he didn’t do it. His sister, Piper comes to the rescue and is determined to prove her brother’s innocence. Deputy Landon Grainger is in a quandary on discovering the truth and the evidence points that Reef is guilty. But he also is close to the McKenna family. As the story continues, more action and twists occur, be prepare to be shocked.


I would recommend this wonderful novel to anyone who enjoy a suspenseful novel and the mystery will keep you longing to find out the truth for yourself. This book is also a series and I didn’t read the first novel and I was able to follow along. I immensely loved the Alaskan theme and Dani Pettrey did an excellent job at explaining the wintery scenery. I also liked how the friendship between Landon and Piper increased into romance. The book kept me engaged with the imagery and I was entertained until the truth finally was revealed and it took me as a surprise. If you’re looking for a great mystery novel, then read this one! 


“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers/ Chosen book review bloggers program.”     


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