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Unforeseeable: Road to Kingdom- Book Three By Nancy Mehl Book Review

The main character, Callie Hoffman lives in Kingdom, Kanas and is engaged to the town’s new pastor, Levi Housler. A twist happens and the Kanas Bureau of Investigation is searching for a serial killer on the loose. The suspect has killed at least three in the past few months and they discovered he did the same thing twenty years ago and was never caught. The serial killer arrived in Kingdom and kills a woman and she has one of Levi’s book in her hand. More people are found murdered and it will surprise readers until the very end. The main suspect is Levi and Callie spends the majority of the book trying to prove her lover’s innocent.


I would recommend this awesome book to anyone who loves mystery novels and they love the thrill of living an adventure, page by page. I immensely enjoyed how Nancy Mehl tied up the end novel for the amazing series. It has been a true pleasure reading about the town of Kingdom even if I wouldn’t really want to live there and experience what these characters have went through. I loved how she kept the inspiring Christian theme and faith present throughout the books and I felt they taught me a great deal about having the strength to stand through the difficult seasons and to always grow in love and faith. In this book, I felt the action was a little more intense and it reminded me of a popular TV show, Criminal Minds. If you’re seeking an electrifying adventure and a great series, then read these books!


“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers/ Chosen book review bloggers program.”     


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