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First-Time Dad: The Stuff You Need to Know By John Fuller with Paul Batura Book Review

In First-Time Dad, John Fuller shared personal insight to first time dads about the joys and challenges that are ahead of them in parenting. Like most parents, they were thrilled after they found out they had a positive pregnancy test especially after two years of trying to conceive. He began the book by asking dads what their expectations were now that they are officially a dad and what they are truly afraid of. This is critical and must be discussed with your spouse especially if there is baggage from your childhood. There is a helpful chapter in the book entitled, “Break the Chain” to assist readers in dealing with the hurtful past wounds where it won’t be repeated in the future! The book also discussed the importance of loving your wife and staying connected and in love when little ones join the picture. The book covered the difference between girls and boys and how to help your children succeed in life.


I would recommend this astonishing book on parenting to every single dad whether you are expecting a baby or already have a few children. Moms are also welcomed to read this book as well but it’s more geared towards men. I appreciated how direct John Fuller was in sharing with dads how a baby is going to affect their whole entire world and there will be days of triumph and days of feeling like you failed as a dad. And this is something every parent goes through. I liked how he shared how a baby will affect your marriage in many ways and it will take some adjusting to. For instance, we all know your sleep cycle will get thrown off for a while, romance and finding time to make love will be challenging, and going out on dates will became rare. I liked how he included suggestions to help parents deal with the changes a baby brings and how it’s possible to stay connected to your spouse during this time. He recommended striving to have weekly dates and communication times. I liked how he included a chapter devoted to sharing the differences between girls and boys to guide parents in raising their children. I also enjoyed that he discussed how to lead your children spiritually, how to build character in them, and how time means a lot to your children. Even though, I’m single and not a parent yet, this book taught me a lot about parenting my future children. I highly recommend this book and if you’re looking an excellent parenting book, then read this one!


"I received this book free from the publisher through the Moody Publishers book review bloggers program." 



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