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The Spirit of Python: Exposing Satan’s Plan to Squeeze the Life out of You by Jentezen Franklin Book Review


In The Spirit of Python, Jentezen Franklin exposed the numerous strategies and tactics satan uses to hinder and harm Christian believers. He compared satan to a dangerous python. He revealed that satan loves to suffocate us and he is actively trying to squeeze the breathe of the Holy Spirit out of us. In the book, Jentezen Franklin shared there are signs that we are under the attack of the enemy, for instance, “weak prayer life”, “lack attack”, “old habits and lifestyle resurface”, and much more. He guides readers on how to break free from the attacks of satan and the strongholds he has placed in our lives. He also discussed the power of prayer, faith, and praise and how critical this is in dealing with satan and his maneuvers.


I would recommend this eye-opening book to anyone who is ready to stand up against satan and his schemes with their full armor of God on. This book is one of my favorite book that I read concerning spiritual warfare. I liked how Jentezen Franklin wrote very vividly in describing the way satan works and how he tries to choke the believer out of the amazing life God wants us to live. One of my favorite chapters is “Get the Snake Eggs Out” because this one talks about how satan uses our eyes, ears, and our mouths against us and he tempts us to fall into his destructive trap. Jentezen revealed that satan likes to lure people into looking at pornography, falling into sexual immorality, and being in bondage. I was amazed at the statistics he shared about the effects of pornography and how it controls so many people. I also loved how he shared how to silence the voice of satan and how to fight back against him. The Word of God is mightily strong in fighting against satan and this revealed to me the importance of speaking blessings and talking to our mountains. If you’re looking for a life changing book on spiritual warfare, then read this one!


“I received this book for free from The Booketeria/ Charisma House for this review”. 


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