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Bonding with Your Child Through Boundaries by June Hunt with PeggySue Wells Book Review

I’m a member of the Family Christian Bloggers and they provided me with a free copy of “Bounding with Your Child” for this review.

In Bonding with Your Child through Boundaries, June Hunt and PeggySue Wells explored the hidden principles she has discovered in parenting and how setting boundaries truly does help your children. In the first section of the book, the authors looked at “What Are Boundaries All About”? She defined boundaries as “established limits” and they are put into place in order to develop our children’s character. She also shared the dos and don’ts of discipline our children. For example, it’s extremely important to communicate our expectations to our children about how to act and how not to act and there are consequences to misbehaving and rewards if you behave. The book also contained questions and answers to assist readers in setting boundaries.

The second section of the book discussed, “Building Beneficial Boundaries”. Some of the topics they explored in this section was, “Bedtime Battles, Biting, Bullying, Cliques, Media Mania, Lying, Peer Pressure, Sexual Curiosity, Stealing, Whining”, and much more. The book chapters are divided up into three sections, “What You Could Do”, “What You Could Say”, and “Wisdom from God’s Word”.

One of my favorite chapters was the topic of “Bullying”. June and PeggySue shared that as parents we need to have a zero-tolerance for letting our children belittle someone verbally or harm someone physically. They included helpful signs to watch for in our children who could be bullying someone. They encouraged parents to discover why they are bullying someone else and they revealed the harsh truth that bullying is a learned behavior. And parents must role play with their children and let them practice being nice to them and this will reinforce how they should be treating others. I loved the amazing teaching lesson between a sponge and sugar and this one will dramatically help to break the cycle of bullying.

I would recommend this life changing book to every single parent who have kids from toddlers to high school aged. I loved how June and PeggySue covered a vast range of topics from biting to peer pressure. I felt they both understood the real need for a resource to help guide parents in raising their children founded in the Word of God. I’m not a parent yet, I like reading parenting book in order to gain the knowledge in trying to be a better parent someday. I really enjoyed the idea of tangibly rewards when a child acts correctly and non-tangible rewards such as the “Touch by an Angel” activity. The Touch by an Angel one is centered on making God smile by being good to others and doing something nice just to be a blessing to someone else. This program also reminds me of the TV show by the same name. If you’re seeking an excellent book on parenting, then read this one!

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