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JumpStart Your Leadership: A 90 Day Improvement Plan by John C. Maxwell Book Review

In JumpStart Your Leadership, John C. Maxwell explored the key principles it takes to be an effective leader. Maxwell discussed the importance of discovering your strengths and weaknesses, your ethics and values, learning about your team members and knowing what they want for the future, complimenting your co-workers, and much more. This book is a 90 day devotional and each day contains a quote from a leader, thoughts of the day from John C. Maxwell, discussion questions, and a section where readers can answer the questions.  

One of my favorite days was, “Day 69” because John C. Maxwell shared the secrets to hiring a dramatic team. He suggested that we are most effective in our strength area. He encouraged leaders to let their team work 80% in their strength area, 15% in learning, and 5% outside their comfort zone. I truly believe if hiring managers would actually do this during their hiring process, we could see a change in how successful and productive their business is. Another day, I enjoyed was, “Day 27” because John C. Maxwell revealed about he struggled with trying to please everyone and make his team happy at all times. He eventually realized that it’s impossible and it was hurting his leadership ability.

I would recommend this amazing book to every single business leader and people who are striving to become a leader someday. This book will teach readers the tools they will need to run an effective and productive team. In reading this book, I can see that John C. Maxwell has been in business for a number of years and he has seen firsthand what has works for the overall success of the business and what has harmed and hurt the business. I liked how the book contained questions for each day where readers could apply the new knowledge to their lives and it also had a blank page included where it is easy to take notes. If you’re looking a book to guide you into becoming a better leader, then read this book!

“I received this book free from Hachette Book Group/Faith Works.”

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