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Bringing Heaven to Earth: You Don't Have to Wait for Eternity to Live the Good News by Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment Book Review

In Bringing Heaven to Earth, Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment have teamed up to explore the power of Heaven that is available to believers on Earth. Throughout the book, the authors look at the meaning of Matthews 6:10 and this verse talks about God’s will being done as it is in Heaven. The book also dug deep into the meaning behind how God is going to create a new Heaven and how the Earth and Heaven will collide. And the good news is that while we are waiting for Heaven we are instructed to love others and be a blessings to others. This book will encourage readers to live their lives that will make an impact on others and bring the power of Heaven to Earth.

I especially love the chapter about weddings. The authors discussed the importance of marriage and how God views weddings. They opened the chapter with declaring the insights found in Matthew 22:2. This verse stated how God’s Kingdom is like a King who has made an enormous feast for his son and his new bride. They pointed out about how Adam and Eve was the first wedding God performed and God knew the strength and power a husband and wife could have together. They also shared the teachings found in the opening of the Gospel of John. This passage talked about when Mary asked Jesus to make some more wine for the celebration of a wedding. Jesus at first said no but then He told the people to fill the dirty jars with water and serve them. The wine turned out to be the best wine. This chapter filled with me with much hope about how God has created Heaven and how He has an awesome place for His people. 


I would recommend this breathtaking book to anyone who is longing to discover the critically and awe-inspiring truth about Heaven and how we can have Heaven on Earth. I liked how the authors included tons of scriptures to back up their beliefs. I especially loved the chapter about how to get over the control of the fear of failure in your life. This chapter taught me how I have to realize that perfect love will cast out all of the fears in my life. This book gave me great encouragement that there will be no more pain and heartache in Heaven. But it gave me an even greater call and mission to live my life fully and bring the power of Heaven to Earth.


“I received this copy of Bringing Heaven to Earth for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.

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