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Journey of My Run Week 3 : Day 1-7

Week 3

Day 1 – Friday, April 30

I was busy working on homework and studying for finals for college. So you guessed it, I didn’t work out.

Day 2 – Saturday, May 1

I ran one lap then I walked the rest of the four laps. I went a total of 1.57 miles. I burned a total of 1573 calories so far. I went a total of 5173 steps so far.

Day 3 – Sunday, May 2

I worked out today now that is a good thing. I ran one lap and walked the rest of them. It is so hard to run solid straight. But I am going to be able to run 5 miles! I am declaring that. I will, “Never Give Up”! I went for a total of 1.42 miles today. I burned 86 calories. You are going to be happy with me. I finally figured out that to reset the pedometer you have to hit reset on all of the menu screens. I have only been hitting them on the miles one. Nice going, Andrew! I thought if you hit reset it resets the whole thing. Obviously, I was wrong.
Day 4 – Monday, May 3

Study day yet again!

Day 5 – Tuesday, May 4

I went a total of 2.01 miles and I burned a total of 127 calories. I walked 4249 steps today. I ran about a lap and a half. I went a total of four laps. On the Jo Dee Messina’s podcast today, she showed pictures of the town of Nashville. If you haven’t heard what happened to the state of Tennessee, just watch her podcast of Ustream to see some of the pictures. I will briefly explain. This week, Tennessee had a lot of rain and most of the town is flooded. The reports on CNN are saying that at least 20 are dead so far in TN. But the storms affected Kentucky too. They are saying at least 30 totals are dead from both of the storms.

If you like to donate to the Red Cross to help TN out, check out the link below:

You can also donate by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.00 to help TN.

If you would like to volunteer, check out Hands on Nashville to volunteer:

Thank you for helping clean up any of the areas affected by the disastrous storm and for donating!

Day 6 – Wednesday, May 6

I had to study but it’s the last day of studying at least for this semester!

Day 7 – Thursday, May 7

All of my finals are officially done! Yay! My mom and I went to eat at a restaurant to celebrate. Our waiter was a very nice guy. He had great manners and an awesome personality. I need to change in some areas from watching him. He was kind. I can be kind of a bit rude and harsh. But over the summer, I have a goal to read God’s word, and heal from my wounds, and let the things I can’t change go. The difference between me and him is that he lives life and is very happy. I carry my life and I have for many years. But I am going to be free! I am going to love people for who they are. We need more love and less hate. I have met a few girls and guys that are truly nice and friendly most of the time. Now I get that we all have off days sometimes. But for the most part we need to be friendlier to one another. One guy, who I went to school with always, had a smile on his face. He went through a huge fight for his life way before I knew him. I have heard he got into a four-wheeler accident in his early teenage years. The four-wheeler flipped over and severely damaged him. He looks fine now but he had a few surgeries, I believe. Why, do I think he had love? He almost lost his life and he now lives every day happily. I only knew him for about two years in high school, and then I went back to public school. A few weeks ago, I ran into him at college. I haven’t seen him in a long time. You can just guess how we met. We met by me going to the bathroom in a hurry. My excuse was I had to go really bad. Well he was coming out of the bathroom, when I was coming in. I jumped because I didn’t expect to see someone standing when I pushed the door. He said, “Sorry”. You know what I said was his name only. I didn’t say sorry or anything. This was a very bad move on my part.

Just one example of how the pain of my past has controlled me. School has always been hard for me due to me being rejected by my peers. I have always felt a little outside of the crowd. No one knows how to connect with one another anymore. We are so caught so much in “OUR OWN LITTLE WORLD”. We have our cell phones and our World Wide Web world now. I am right there with you too. We don’t talk to one another anymore unless they are “cool” or in “our group”. It shouldn’t take a tragedy to bring us all together. Most of my college nights, I couldn’t even sleep well because my heart would just plain hurt nonstop. I was so nervous and so afraid of people. I had a deep shame base in me. No one’s opinion matters expect what God thinks. People don’t define you. Give your future and your past to the almighty God! He can change and heal you; but only if you let him.

In Joel Osteen’s book, It’s Your Time, he says, “One of the best things I’ve learned is that nothing happens to me; it happens for me. God would not have allowed me to go through difficult times if He didn’t have a purpose for them. He wouldn’t have allowed adversity to come if He didn’t already have a plan for good to come of it.” Page 166
So maybe you have been through things (who hasn’t) let God heal you. He might even let your pain and hurt be your message to reach out and help others.

I also went and helped my cousin fix her internet connection today. It would come off and on and it still does even after we called the company. I didn’t work out today. Her dad taught me how to play some more guitar chords. My fingers got real sore again, since you have to get used to playing. He wants me to learn the chords and move faster between the chords. I had fun that’s what matters.

Get out there and live! Make someone’s life better! Put a smile on their face and your face!

“It’s not happening to you. It’s happening for you.” Joel Osteen "It's Your Time" Page 171


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