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Stand Up and Fight Back: How to Take Authority Over Satan and Win By Ken Abraham Book Review


In Stand Up and Fight Back, Ken Abraham guides readers into fighting against the schemes of the enemy and our adversary, satan and his demons. He pointed out that satan isn’t going to bow down and get scared and leave us alone just because we articulate him to back off. He publicized that Christians must reply fully on God’s assistance and seek him first. Then we have to take our direct position and comprehend our authority in the power and blood of Jesus Christ. Only then will the devil tremble and flee. To try and conquer the devil without God’s presence, power, and strength is one of the foolish things that we can do. One of the devil’s favorite schemes is to deceive believers into sinning and eating the forbidden fruit. Because once we eat the forbidden fruit this unlocks the opportunity for satan to advance a stronghold over our lives.  

One of my favorite quotes was, “Multitudes of Christians admit to being in bondage to feelings, thoughts, and actions they know are incompatible with their faith. They feel strongly, irresistibly drawn toward evil, often compulsively repeating sins that repulse them, yet against which they feel powerless. Often this bondage can be traced to one of two area: sexual immorality or rebellion against spiritual authority (especially parental authority). Frequently it involves both” (Page 7).  

One of my favorite stories shared in this book was the story about a young woman named Beth. At the young age of thirteen, she was the kind of girl that was determined to have an active dating. Ultimately this lead to her engaging in having multiple sexual partners. Next, she also became addicted to drugs and drinking alcohol. When she turned sixteen, she was abused sexually, physically, and verbally by a young man and he would repeatedly play with her emotions and her mind. He would dump her one day and then be begging her to take him back and she willingly would. Like most parents, watching their beloved daughter being mistreated, they were beside themselves and confused on how to handle the situation. They took advanced measures and grounded Beth but she belligerently kept rebelling against her parent’s authority. She would sneak out of the house and go to her boyfriend’s house and she would return high and bruised. One day when her father was dropping her off at school, her boyfriend and a gang of boys surrounded the vehicle and threaten to kill him if he didn’t leave his daughter alone and let her live her own life. What happened next was truly heartbreaking, one night after her boyfriend was extremely wasted, he passed her around to his buddies and they all forcefully raped her. In the early morning hours, they dropped her off at her house and drove off laughing about what they had done to an innocent young girl. Her father was furious and he ready to take action against the boys and call the police. But Beth refused to press charges against the boys. She finally agreed to follow her parent’s guidance and she talked with their minister, Pastor Reynolds. The pastor had a vast knowledge in understanding spiritual warfare and demon oppression. He claimed that Beth’s sexual immorality opened the door to allowing demonic presences to gain a stronghold in her life. Pastor Reynolds gathered a team of prayer warriors to assist in delivering Beth from the demonic influencing in her life. Everyone was instructed to repent for their actions and sins that they have committed and to ask for forgiveness and to receive grace. They began to rebuke satan and his demons in the name of Jesus and her facial expressions changed. Beth declared that they couldn’t have her and the demons stated that they wouldn’t let go. As we all know that was a demon uttering that he wasn’t leaving without a fight. They also found out she was wearing a necklace and bracelet that her boyfriend gave her that had demonic spirits living in it. The demons fought harder when she tried to remove them. Finally, she was incredibly set free after she told the devil that she didn’t want him, sex, drugs, or alcohol, and his evil ways. This is only one amazingly story displayed in this book and there are many more shocking examples of demonic forces in someone’s life. This story had me on the edge and it made me realize that we must be extremely careful to not let satan set up a stronghold in our lives.  

I immensely loved how Ken Abraham reinforced that believers should be aware of the devil and his army of demons, but it’s also crucial to keep it in balance. Christians don’t have be looking for the devil in every corner of the street and be obsessed that everything could be a symbol of satan. I liked how he reminded readers to remember that the devil isn’t omnipresent or omniscient. Lucifer is a fallen archangel and he isn’t God. Our loving Creator is the only one who is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. It’s viral to recall that God is in complete control and He has the final authority and He has the immeasurable power and He will one day defeat all the demons. Shout unto God with a voice of triumph! Praise be to God!  

I would recommend this life changing paperback book to every single Christian professing believer. Be prepared that this book, as you can tell, isn’t a nice light reading, it’s going to change your perception on spiritual warfare. I encourage readers to mindfully read the pages of this book and let the concepts of this book to impact how they fight against the demonic influences that they encounter. I learnt numerous ways in which we allow the devil easy access to gain a stronghold in our lives. It was very informative in how to recognize the hidden effects sins can unknowably have on us and we could be opening the door to demonic forces and inviting them into our lives freely. The predominant area that caught be off guard was the massive effect that sexual immorality has distorted and restructured our generations into believing that pornography, multiple sex partners, affairs, homosexuality, rape, and premarital pregnancies aren’t destructive. When we know in God’s written Word that sex is meant for marriage and when we follow God’s instruction remarkable things occur. Ken Abraham cultivated that sexual sins is the area that permits satan an easy admission into building a stronghold in our lives. The book also taught me a prodigious deal about cults, the occult, witchcraft, and satanic trinkets. I immeasurably appreciated how Ken deliberated the background of Eve’s three mistakes in the Garden of Eden and the six consequences of Adam’s and Eve’s sins had on our every person since then. This book will greatly transform how you engage in spiritual warfare and it will strengthen how you fight the demonic adversaries present in your life!  


“I received this book for free from The Booketeria/ Charisma House for this review”.



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