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NIV College Devotional Bible Book Review

The NIV College Devotional Bible is written to engage college aged students into reading the Bible and the devotionals presented in the Bible. This particular Bible has 222 devotionals on topics that college students will enjoy and it has a supportive appendix. The Bible has a “table of weights and measures, a subject index search, a one year reading plan, 60 day overview of the Bible, 30 days for beginning your walk with Christ, 30 days with Jesus, 20 not-so-famous Bible stories, 30 days of prayer, 30 days of promises, 30 days of leadership, 30 days of knowing God, 30 stories of great Faith”, and many more. The devotionals were spread throughout the Bible and they consisted of a personal or historic story entwined to a scripture passage. Each devotional also contained three critical questions for readers to contemplate on and to respond to. 
One of the devotional for instance, discussed the hardship of death and the terrible agony of losing someone that you loved. This specific day dealt with 1 Corinthians 15:35-38 and Paul wrote to the believers in Corinth describing to them that when believers die, that isn’t the end for them. He explained that sting of death is sin but through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we have the final victory. The devotional told a personal story about Andy meeting with Pastor Tim for coffee. It had been a year since Andy lost his precious wife. They caught up like old friends on what happened and what they have been going through this past year. Andy admitted that he understands now what Paul stated in this passage about the sting of death and where pain hurts. Andy began to open up about the difficulty of witnessing your seven year old daughter and on her birthday, she makes a wish for her mother to return and came back to her. The pain hits Andy when he has to check ‘widowed’ in important documents. He also sees his little five year old son drawing pictures of mommy and she is far off from everyone else, looking down from Heaven. This is one devotional that is truly heartbreaking and sad. This one came in a significant time because this past weekend, I lost my great grandmother and I know that she lived a long life. But death still stings, no matter when it happens. This devotional and passage was a wonderful reminder that if we are saved and we know Jesus as our Savior, we will one day have victory over death.  
I would recommend this astonishing Bible to every single college aged student. If readers will consider and read through the passages and devotionals spread out on these pages, their lives will be forever changed and impacted. Mediating on the scriptures was very easy and user friendly with this Bible. I really liked and connected with was beneficial section in the back of the Bible. I immensely loved the “thirty days of promises” featuring “when satan attacks you”, “when you’re waiting for an answer to prayer”, “when you’re uncertain about the future”, and more valuable passages. I enjoyed the design of the hardcover Bible and it was very appealing and it reminded me of school colors. This would be a phenomenal resource and graduation gift to any high school student entering college and any college student. 
"I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program."  
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