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You Are Anointed for This!: Walk in Confidence, Boldness, and Authority By Judy Jacobs Book Review

In You Are Anointed for This, Judy Jacobs imparted readers with the importance of building the foundation and knowledge of the God given anointing on believers lives. Judy Jacobs explained the critical area of understanding the phrase, “Then, God said, “Let there be” (Genesis 1:3). When God spoke the world into existence, He was basically commanding the angels and the world to form in the precise way and design that he envisioned. Next, God made Adam and Eve and gave them authority of every animal and the land. God instructed them to also multiply and reproduce. Through Jesus, we have God given authority and the same power that raised Christ from the grave lives inside of us. Judy Jacobs pointed out that our words have implausible power, as God illustrated, in the beginning of Creation. Preceding, Judy Jacobs reminded readers to recall when God declared to Abraham and Sarah that they will have many descendants and in the natural, they were both too old to have children. When Sarah overhead God telling Abraham, she laughed and doubted the spoken Word. But God… Ultimately, we know that in the end, God fulfilled this promise and they had a son and countless descendants. Judy Jacobs used this story to describe to readers why they must not laugh at what God has spoken over their lives. Believers must be ready and they must proclaim like Mary, let it be.


Judy Jacobs has had her own share of personal anointed and let it be moments in her ministry and her recording career. She revealed a story about how fear almost stopped her from ministering to 600,000 people in Nigeria. She was terrified and she believed that Israel Houghton, Mary Mary, and other artists had more influence and more anointing on their lives. But all of this was lies from the devil, trying to make her stop preaching and singing God filled praise songs. She had to declare that she was anointed because of the power of Christ living inside her. It’s also important to note and remember that anointing isn’t just for popular artists and preachers, we are all anointed to perform in the area Christ has called us to reach people for His Kingdom.


My favorite story that Judy Jacobs publicized was the announcement of expecting their first baby after a year of hard trying. They were later dismayed to learn that she had a miscarriage. They were beyond devastated and heartbroken over the loss of their child. They were lying in bed weeping and holding on to each other, when her husband decided they need to watch Christian programing. Bishop T.D. Jakes was on TV, and he declared he had a word for someone tonight that. He said, “something had died…and your enemy has told you that you will never sing again, preach again, or smile again. But God wants you to know that death is not the end” (Page 174). They were changed and they believed the word and Bishop Jakes stated that they must stand up and praise God. They walked around the house telling the devil that it isn’t over and praised God’s Holy name. They decided to plant a seed and they started giving to ministries. Six months later, they were expecting again and they had a healthy baby. They also have two children. The devil didn’t win! This is also something that I am believing God for right now, that I would meet my spouse, and we would be blessed with having and adopting children. It’s not over!


I would recommend this astonishing book especially to anyone who is doubting that they are anointed to do extraordinary things for God. This book has shown me that I am in fact, anointed with gifts and talents to enrich the Kingdom of God. I would also recommend this book to every adult who is seeking a book that will engulf your life and change your perspectives on anointment. I loved the story about how when Marilyn Hickery was preaching, and God gave her a Word for Judy Jacobs and a few others. The Word changed Judy’s life and everything that Marilyn spoken years later, it has come to pass. This was inspiring in learning about the gift of prophetic words. One of my favorite things presented in the book in the form of a list was about the many different Biblical characters and how they were anointed. I immensely connected with the features at the end of each chapter that was entitled, “let it be to me…” This facet was enlightening and encouraging and gave me tremendous peace of my anointing. I am anointed for this! You are too! If you are longing to comprehend more about being anointed, then look no further and read this book!



“I received this book for free from The Booketeria/ Charisma House for this review”.




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