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31 Days to Happiness: How to Find What Really Matters in Life By David Jeremiah Book Review

In 31 Days to Happiness, David Jeremiah explored the Biblical insights into Ecclesiastes and the life of King Solomon. He wrote this book in order to guide readers into learning the important concepts of being happy and finding contentment in everyday life. He looked into relationships, money, leadership, perils of the tongue, unfair justice, impressions of life’s meaning, governments, and wisdom.


In one of the chapters, he covered the truths found in Ecclesiastes 5:10-20 and how money impacts our quality of life. For example, the more money we currently have doesn’t make us everlasting happy because we are always striving for more financial success. At our core, a number of people still believe more money will make us happier. But Solomon warned us that a rich man will have difficulty sleeping because they are trying to save and protect what they have. David Jeremiah pointed out that money is a gift from God meant to be enjoyed but we have to remember that it’s from Him and money isn’t supposed to control us.


One of my favorite chapters was, “When 1 + 1 > 2”. David Jeremiah revealed the crucial need of investing in relationships and the dangers of walking alone. In Ecclesiastes 4:10, we are told that if someone walks alone and falls, who will be there to help him. He shared that we all need each other and we’re not called to be the lone ranger and we’re made for relationships. David Jeremiah made a wonderful observation about being a true friend, you must follow Solomon’s advice and be friendly.


I would recommend this magnificent book on discovering the Biblical truths found in Ecclesiastes on happiness from Solomon’s life. I immensely enjoyed how David Jeremiah included a number of real life stories to enrich the chapters overall contents. I appreciated how the author was very open with his battle with cancer and how people would ask him how a pastor could get the disease. He was very vulnerable in admitting that even godly people dealt with sickness. I also liked how he showed that God still had a great plan for his life. I strongly believe that if readers would follow the advice and scripture passages, we would recognize what isn’t making us happy and why it isn’t working. Then we would also see what will make us truly happy. If you’re seeking a book on finding happiness and contentment, then read this book for 31 days and watch your life be changed!


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