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What Your Dreams Are Telling You: Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep By Cindy McGill Book Review

In What Your Dreams Are Telling You, Cindy McGill is sharing with readers on how to learn how to interpret your dreams and discover the hidden meaning behind them. She revealed that she believed that dreams are personal and they assist us in being hopeful about our future. She also goes into prodigious detail about our dreams and their meanings. For instance, she covered flying or swimming underwater, falling, being chased, naked in public, vehicles, taking a test/ going back to school, and so many more common dreams. She even gives crucial questions to ask and suggested action to take in comprehending the dreams. Cindy also went into dreams that famous people experienced like Kristen Bell, Samuel L. Jackson, and more and she explained their meaning.


I would recommend this excellent book to every believer who is experiencing dreams that are complicated and they are pondering and troubled by their meaning. I immensely benefited from the dream symbol appendix because this one included dreams symbols about ants, airplanes, pregnant, school, driving your car, etc. This book brought to life the how to interpret dreams and how to discover their true significance. While I was reading this book, I actually had a dream that ants were crawling all over me and I was extremely stressed at the time and I had a lot of school work to finish. The ant means “hard worker”. I especially love how she included a section in the book where readers could write down what the dream was about and she asked helpful questions in order to figure out the overall message. This book is meant to be reread when readers are looking for guidance on their dreams interpretations and it will greatly impact your life. If you’re seeking a book on discovering your dreams meaning, then please read this one!


“I received this book free from the publisher through the Bethany House Publishers/ Chosen book review bloggers program.”     


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