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A Christian Survival Guide: A Lifetime to Faith and Growth By Ed Cyzewski Book Review

A Christian Survival Guide was written to instill principles in our daily walk with Christ and to help us not just to survive until we meet Jesus face to face but to also grow deeper in their relationship with Him. The first part of the book covered Christian beliefs for example: prayer, the Bible, hell, Apocalypse, and so much more. The second part of the book also enclosed Christian practices for instance: sin addiction, money, community, and more.


One of my favorite chapters was the chapter on prayer. I liked how Ed Cyzewski shared Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplications (also referred to as ACTS) method to praying to our loving Creator. This way of praying is a wonderful reminder that we can pray for our own needs but we also pray for others. I connected with how Ed revealed he struggled with always feeling like he never could pray enough and when he did it would be many times repetitious. As a child, I would also constantly restate the same prayer over and over again. It took me countless years to realize my prayers doesn’t always to be said the precise same way. I also enjoyed the story he shared about Bill Graham and his dramatic big bold praying in regard to his radio show. This was the first time I heard that story and this will inspire readers.


I would recommend this life changing book to anyone who is sick and tired of barely surviving and they are ready to thrive and to run their race and to grow more in their faith. After reading this book, I have begun to pray more and to pray to God like a true friend and to study the Bible and try to become more like Christ. Ed Cyzewski did an excellent job at presenting the topics in this book and I liked how he didn’t sugarcoat the message. If you’re looking for a book to help you in your walk with Christ, then read this one!


"I received this book free from the publisher from Kregel Publications book review bloggers program."   


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