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I Like Giving: The Transforming Power of a Generous Life by Brad Formsma Book Review

In I Like Giving, Brad Formsma shared personal stories about how giving has changed his life and most importantly other people lives. Brad founded the non-profit organization, I Like Giving and they started a movement of people giving to strangers and being a blessing. He started out creating a business while in college and when his first son was born, he decided to take Jesus more seriously and he noticed that he was greedy and driven by money. Eventually God dealt with him and this is when he began to give to others and decided to quit his business and pursue God’s dream for him. Throughout this book, he shared how giving increased his joy and it changed his entire purpose.


One of the stories, he shared was about Henry who took his two little boys to Chuck. E. Cheese and a guy who was working there at the entrance commented about how much he love his golf t-shirt. This shirt was a golfing shirt from a popular university. He felt it upon his heart to give the young guy his golfing shirt. He knew the guy wouldn’t be able to afford it. When he got back into the car, he took off his shirt and made one of his sons take it to the guy. He was concerned about driving home without his shirt and that his neighbors might be gossiping about him about him not wearing a shirt. A small act of kindness can dramatically benefit others!


I would recommend this life changing book to every single person who is ready to radically change their lives and the lives of others. I immensely liked the concepts Brad Formsma presented throughout the book about giving to others. I really enjoyed reading the passion and the joy he experienced in creating a movement of giving. I like he included stories that was small and big where readers can see the giving doesn’t always have to enormous to make a difference. One of my favorite stories was a story about Susan. She shared about how she went through a divorced when her son, Nathan was only two years old. Her ex-husband eventually remarried and Nathan had a new step-mom. She struggled greatly to get along with his new wife. When Nathan got married and they did the mother and son dance, she felt in her heart she should let her son also dance with his step-mom. This was a powerful moment for Susan, Nathan, and especially his step-mom because she wasn’t expecting this. His step-mom lost her own son years before and this was the only dance she would ever get with a mother and son dance. This just confirms that our giving can have a powerful influence on other people’s lives. This book taught me a lot about giving to others and it contained countless stories to encourage readers to give to others. If you’re looking for a superb book on giving, then read this impactful book!


“I received this copy of I Like Giving for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.




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