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What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life? : God’s Will Demystified by Johnnie Moore Book Review


In What Am I Supposed to Do with My Life, Johnnie Moore explored the critical keys to discovering God’s will for your life and staying committed to the call. Moore revealed that there is an intense battle going on between your will for your life and God’s desire and will for your life. Most of us want to know God’s entire will for our life but God doesn’t let us see the whole big picture. It’s extremely important to realize that we must trust God and walk in faith. Moore shared the painful truth that the majority of us wait too much on God sending a sign from Heaven where we know what His will is for us. When God is really waiting on us to get moving and accomplish God’s will for our lives. Throughout the book, Johnnie Moore looked at the life of Paul and how he followed God and completed his destiny. Paul traveled to countless places in the Roman Empire to preach the Gospel and he didn’t stop and pray for numerous days seeking where to travel next and asking for a neon sign on where to go next. He kept moving until God commanded that he stopped.


I would recommend this incredible book to anyone who is waiting to hear from God and they desperately are striving to figure out God’s will for their lives. This book will turn the reader’s whole entire scope on waiting on God to answer and give them a sign. Instead it will motivate readers to get moving in a direction and listening to God’s leading and using wisdom, scripture, and prayer along their journey.  One of the strongest lessons this book taught me was the importance of being committed especially in today’s times. He has discovered that many people struggle with staying in one place for a long period of time. A lot of people like to change relationship partners, friendships, careers, and churches like it’s nothing. Commitment would dramatically change if we were committed to the call! I liked that he included a chapter filled with five steps to assist readers in becoming more committed. If you’re seeking a book to assist you in following God’s will for your life, then read this book!

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